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of agony and sacrifice

does not learn and do not know



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Click. Click. Click.

Shoe heels clicked on the hard floor of the Memory Court library. The sound drilled into Morita's head, ripping her from the world she had been.

There was only deity she knew of that wore tall heels.

She kept on reading, though the words blended together now. She had read a line of deity text three times when a voice cut through the air. "Fancy seeing you here, Soul."

Morita looked up. "Hello, Time." Her voice was clipped with anger. She had come to the library to escape everyone. She hadn't seen Remoren, Scioren, or Laptus like she usually did, and just thinking about Aruma made every spirit dancing in the Underworld shake with her fury.

Tempdeis walked around the table and sat in front of her. "What are you reading?" Something in her voice suggested that she didn't care. Something in her voice told Morita that she was in trouble.

In trouble? What am I, a little kid?

She tilted the book up so the deity could read the title.

"Hmm. Immortality: Theories on the Deity Biology. Trying to resurrect someone?"

Immortality: Theories on the Deity Biology was the first book from the deities that was not written by Scioren. The author was the deity of Belief. And from what they believed, Morita finalized her belief that deities were strange creatures.

Of course, they could only be killed by another deity or something deity-made. They had no limit to their powers and exceeded physical capacities despite their human-ish look. However, the biggest mystery was what they were made of.

From the holy book of deism, written by generations of Melbands, "Deities, formed holy light, fall to naught but their own divine being."

Morita liked the second theory better, if only because she disliked the Melband's obsession with her kind. In Immortality: Theories on the Deity Biology, they theorized that they were made of an unknown property that could only be hurt by another of its sort.

Only Scioren knows. And even then, he may not know. Perhaps this knowledge is only given to the Gods.

She said as neutrally as she could, "Only if I need to."

The Time deity stared at Morita. "Do you know why I'm here?"

"Because Aruma and I ran off." Morita studied the look Tempdeis gave her. Nope.

"Follow me."

Morita followed Tempdeis outside the Memory Court. The churning dark sea by the coat groaned under the dead sky. Waves of swaying green grass filled the areas where the deities had not touched.

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