It's Different This Time..

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~ A month before graduation ~ (Everyone has their provisional hero licenses now)

Momo still doesn't talk to me. She hates me. As expected. I was so wrong. She never came around. Anything that has to do with me even REMOTELY she seems disgusted and refuses to work with anyone without a fight. So, as a result, I'm a little closed off now. I keep to myself mostly. I stay up in my room, or if I feel too overwhelmed by any conversation about my failing relationship with my sister, I trap myself in a box, and rock back in forth in an upright fetal position. To calm myself down. Speaking of that box, I am in it right now. Katsuki accidentally brought up a time with my sister, and Midoryia caught on. Then Sero. Denki. Eijirou. Everyone aside from all the girls. They all followed Momo's lead and started to ignore me . I sighed, and let my box melt away when I heard them stop talking. I stood up and started to speak. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk about me and her with me around.." I said, not making eye contact. I'm not very good with social interaction anymore, but I can still fight!! As if on que, the glass behind me shattered. I blocked anyone from getting hurt by staying where I was. I felt a familiar hand on my neck. Four fingers. "Why hello again, Butter Fingers." I said in a friendly manner. "Oh, nicknames again?" He asked. "Well, we've come for you. Again. Let's go." He said. I punched him in the gut. "I'll come." I said, flicking glass off of my sleeve. Katsuki's eyes were wide again. I hated seeing him that way. I looked away. I grew confident, strong, and smart. "I've got nothing here anymore." I said, and looked back at him. He was on his feet now, and he was about to explode. Literally. Once the warp was opened, I swiftly turned my head and winked at him. I smirked, and narrowed my eyes. "Let's roll!" I said, and stepped in. "Ciao!" I called, waving. Katsuki knew it was a bluff. So he feigned terror. "YANAGI! NOT AGAIN YOU BASTARDS!" He screamed and ran at the warp. But it had already started to close. We ended up in a different base. An old bar. "Hey, my Dad used to go here. Or so he told me. He used to take me here and I'd play with all the people. But, those memories are old. Dead." I said, and turned from them to avoid them seeing me flinch. I'm so sorry Mom and Dad!! I shouted in my head. "Well, I already had my training, thanks for that by the way." I said. "Yep, so uh.. Just look scarier.." Dabi said. "Alrighty." I said. Easy enough. I thought. Then I manifested a tight black tanktop, gray leggings with flames. Knee high boots with flame laces. With metal rings pierced at the openings. I put a piercing in my lip. It was removable, chill. I tied my hair up and put a red contact in. Just one. It made me look scary. I knew, because I scared Katsuki with it. I put on my fingerless gloves, and had Toga paint my nails black. I choked on the scent. "THIS IS WHY I NEVER DO THIS!" I screamed, coughing into my sleeve. "Stop moving or I'll stab you." Toga said innocently. I smirked, and stilled. Once I was done, even Shigaraki looked scared. "Awh, is Butter Fingers scared of me?" I asked. "Don't mess with me." He said. "Or what?" I asked. "You can't kill me now. I'm a valuable asset." I said. Then I remembered. I still had my quirk. I rarely used it, though. I blinked, and a gentle shock sent though my fingertips. It had taken a photo of them. Nice! "Alright. We need a code name for you.." Dabi said. "I know! My code name can be 'Why' as in the letter 'Y'. So if you call me infront of pros, they will think you are asking them 'Why'. But in reality, you are calling me forward!" I said. "That's clever." Dabi snickered. "Alright, Why. Let's get down to business." Butter Fingers said. I smirked, letting my pent up anger show in how I looked.

"Let's do this."

Ciao, Adios, Sayonara,


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