Briggan & Broana

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  Given a choice Cayden would not have chose to spend the most important day of his life helping Conor, his cousin, get Devin Trunswick get dressed. In all honesty, he would not have volunteered to help Devin Trunswick do anything, ever. 

  But Devin was the eldest son of Eric, the Earl of Trunswick, and he was but the first son of Derrick, Keeper of Chickens. His family had incurred debts to the Earl, and his cousin Conor was working as a servant to pay them off. The only reason he was there is his family might not make it in time, and in another six months Conor would go home and Cayden would take his place as servant. The arrangement had begun over a year ago, and was set to last at least two more. He hadn't seen Conor since it had started.

  Cayden had to polish and tie Devin's shoes, while Conor had to hook each fiddly clasp on the back of Devin's coat or the folds would hang crooked and Conor would hear about it for weeks. Now that he looked at it, the fine material was more decorative than practical. If caught in a storm, Cayden knew Devin would wish for a simpler, more durable coat. One without clasps. One that might actually keep him warm. 

 "Are you both done fussing around down there?" Devin asked in exasperation.

 "Sorry for the wait, milord," Cayden replied."There is one scuff mark that doesn't seem to want to go away."

 "There are forty-eight clasps I am just now linking the fortieth," Conor added to Cayden's statement. 

 "How many more days will this take? I'm about to die of old age! Are you just inventing numbers?"

  Out of the corner of Cayden's eye he saw Conor bite his tongue to stop from speaking. He exchanged glances with Conor. They'd both grown up counting whether it was chickens or sheep, they probably knew their numbers better than Devin. But with the face of frustration on Conor's face, and the lack of comments, arguing with a noble probably caused trouble. Devin seemed to deliberately tempt Conor, more than likely wanting Conor to get in trouble. "Its my best guess." Conor finally replied.

  The door flew open and Dawson, Devin's younger brother, burst into the room. "Are you still getting dressed, Devin?"

"Don't blame me," Devin protested. "Cayden seems to be done, but Conor keeps napping."

  Cayden didn't look up from where he was putting the polish back in its place. The less trouble he caused the sooner he could help Conor, and be getting out of this place that much faster.

 "How could Conor fall asleep?" Dawson called, giggling. "Everything you say, brother, is just so interesting."

  Cayden resisted a grin with his back still turned to the three. He hadn't known Dawson to ever stop talking. He often got annoying, but he could sometimes be pretty funny. "I'm awake," Conor's voice sounded behind him.

  "Aren't you done yet?" Devin complained as Cayden moved to help Conor. "How many are left?"

  From what Cayden could see Devin did not have much longer he was proven right as Conor's voice answered with a "Five."

 "Think you'll summon a spirit animal, Devin?" Dawson asked 

  I don't see why not," Devin replied. "Grandfather called a mongoose. Father produced a lynx, and Mother a cardinal

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