The New Boy

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~Lily's POV~

The next morning, Professor McGonagall announced that a new student would be joining us here at Hogwarts.

Just then, the Trawlster (Athena's and my nickname for Professor Trelawney) burst into the Great Hall, carrying the stumpy stool and the old Sorting Hat balanced carefully on top.

Behind her, a boy walked forward, head down and shuffling, like he was ashamed to be here. His hair was dirty blonde with a few streaks of lighter parts scrambled through the mess. He was slender, not tall, but not short either. He was nervous and fidgety, and as he looked up for the first time, I noticed a large purple bruise starting from his high cheekbone to the bridge of his nose, someone had hit him, hard.

Placing the stool down, the Trawlster gestured at the seat and the boy sat. Placing the hat on his head, the hat immediately shouted, "Gryffindor!"

Shuffling closer to Athena, I made room for the boy as he headed my way.

"Um, can I sit here for the rest of dinner? I don't want to bother you, so you don't have to let me." He muttered quietly.

"Of course you can, we don't mind. By the way, I'm Lily Potter and this is Athena Longbottom."

"Thanks, I'm Brody Jackson. Muggle born."

"We're both pure bloods, but we don't mind what kind of blood anyone is."

Brody seemed to relax a bit after this and began to talk animatedly. He told us that he had come late because his parents believed that it was some kind of prank that kids were playing to trick their son. Eventually, Hagrid had come to get him and his family finally let him go.

Brody had a spectacular sense of humour and loved to laugh. He seemed to know a lot about the wizarding world for someone who only just realised it existed, but I didn't mind, he was cute.

My only regret about that night was the way Athena looked at Brody, and the way Hugo Weasley stared at her, as if Brody was tearing her away, I felt the same way.

Malfoy smirked at us and waved, Brody turned to wave, then realising who it was, he dropped his hand and glowered.

"How did you know him?" I asked.

"I knew I was a wizard, my caretaker used to talk to me a lot. She saw me unlock a locked door without a key, she lent me the Daily Prophet every week. His father and grandfather aren't the nicest of folks."

"Agreed." I laughed.

We joked in the Common Room until late, when we did make our way to bed however, I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

What a great night.

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