Chapter 22

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Fierzza's POV
I smiled as I told the hairdresser what I wanted my hair to be like, she agreed. She told me to stay in my chair and left the room, there were more people here too. But one of them, was a girl and she was looking at me, occasionally glancing at me for some reason.

I only sighed, trying to uh well, avoid any weird thoughts or conversations, but of course, trouble had to come to me.

A walking figure came towards me, which wasn't the hairdresser, but instead the girl who kept on looking me. Heh, I can't really be that hot.. Could I? Uh, well I mean-!

"Hi." She says approaching me and I look at her suddenly tense.

"Uh, hi." I say, nervous. Damnit Fierzza.. That's so not smooth. I wished I could scream into a pillow right now, or maybe be at my very own island with nobody but me on it.. Man, why am I-

"Uh, well I just.. wanted to say you looked nice.. So uh.." Her face flushed red and I was, obviously anxious to hear what she said next.

"Uh.. You shouldn't change your hair.. It looks.. nice.." She says nervously and went back to her seat, while I was sweating.. Literally sweating and was probably blushing.. Uh a bit.. Well.. she looks nice too..

Ack! My face blushed even hotter and I looked away, trying to not be seen by anyone.

At the moment, my hairdresser walked in and came to me. She was carrying multiple hair dyes and hair equipment, to which I felt sorry for her for looking for so long and then finding out your client doesn't want anything.

Then suddenly, the door burst open and it chimed. However, the person who just entered looks like he was going to explode the whole wide world and most likely torture me to death.

"Fierzza, I'm going to beat your f**cking a$$!" John roars.

Oh hell no! Right now? Oh well I guess I been blessed to run away from the hair salon! I ran straight out, pushing John and running back home.

John's POV

I finally found the damn hair salon! Took me long enough! I burst through the door and walked in, fury, annoyance, frustration, anger, and so much more consumed me.

"Fierzza, I'm going to beat your f**cking a$$!" I roared at the sliver haired boy and he stares at me for a few moments before pushing me and running away.

It took me a moment to process what was happening, but when I realized what Fierzza was doing, I ran straight after him. I swear, how the hell does my broth-

A man bumps into me and I look at them pissed, while they look at me before saying. "Watch where your going kid."

He walks away and I clench my fists, much more pissed than before. I could only think of one thing when I get home, so get ready to hide Fierzza.

I got home grabbing my keys from my pocket in a second and unlocked the door, slamming it open. "Where the f*ck are you Fierzza?"

Then, I spotted something on the couch and carefully walked to to it. I grabbed it and read it. What the hell Fierzza..? I tried re-reading it but I guess what he wrote was true.

I can't even sense any auras here.. So what he said was true. He's going to hangout with someone..? That's very strange. I'll have to ask him when he comes back..

Yet, why couldn't he just call me on the phone instead..? Oh wait, if he had called I would have probably would shout and yell while he tries to talk to me.

Guess I answered my own question.

Fierzza's POV

I waited outside the gate of Wellston High, slowly sipping my juice and waiting for him to come. I still couldn't call him by his real name, so I just called him Ass-lo.

Besides, that's what the Royals call him. But, I guess I shouldn't be doing that, since I'm now a cripple. But, we're sorta friends, so I'm pretty sure he won't mind.

I pulled out my phone and checked the time, 4:27. Ass-lo you better get here, you said we were suppose to meet here at 4:27 and your making me wait?

"No wonder why everyone calls him Ass-lo.." I say muttering to myself and Arlo just walks up to me, almost out of nowhere and tapped my shoulder.

"What did you say..?" Arlo says questioning me while I just gaped in shock, "Did you teleport..?"

"You first." Arlo and me both say at the same time and I glared at him. "I said, you first." And he glared at me.

"Idiots these days.." He mutters and I stare at him. "Like you?" I retorted back and he smirks at me. "Yes, just like you Fierzza."

I growl in annoyance and this made Ass-lo's smirk grow larger, and I swear, I want to explode that smirk right off him.

"Alright now then Fierzza.. Shall we get going?" Arlo asks me and I roll my eyes.

"Mhm." I say already bored and put away my phone.

"Alright, follow me."

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