Last wish granted

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The hot water was bliss. Hitomi liked to enjoy a good bath. After many emotions, the young woman relaxed. This calm and warmth avoided her from thinking too much.

Originally, that evening, her parents had planned a dinner together. However, after the panic attack of the day before, they had changed their minds.

Not wanting to see them deprive themselves because of her, Hitomi had long reassured them, promising to eat her meal, take her bath and go to bed.
The argument had finally convince and the young woman was in the second stage of her program when the voice of her brother was heard from behind the door of the bathroom, taking her out of her torpor.

"Hey, Hitomi, I found something under the door by passing into the hallway. Apparently, this is a letter for you, I pass it under the door. Who knows, this may be your beautiful Russian!"
"What? You didn't read it, I hope?" Hitomi said, angry.
"Oh, would I understand somethinginteresting? No that's not it. I admit, I opened it, but I realized that it was full of schemas ... So without reading, I quickly realized that it was not a love letter, but more a thing for a homework, so ...."

Fed up with Mamoru's attitude, Hitomi plunged into her bath, grumbling.
However, the vision of the envelope protruding from under the door attracted her. She finally decided to leave the water, wrap herself in a bathrobe and pick it up.

The mail included a handwritten page, and also several sheets covered with drawings of landscapes, objects and coats of arms.
One of them caught the young woman's eyes directly, it was Fanelia's coat of arms!

Stupefied, she began to read the letter.

"Dear Demoiselle,

I'm Meinmet Fanel, the man that Alexandre told you about. I allow myself to write to you because that seems to me the best way that we understand each other.

Indeed, I think we have one thing in common, here, for us, it's not so much the Earth, but rather the Moon of Illusions!"
(Author's note: This is the literal translation of Mystic Moon from the anime "maboroshi no tsuki")

These first words ... No, it wasn't possible. Alexandre's travel companion would come from ... Seeking answers, Hitomi continued reading.

"First, let me introduce myself more accurately, my birth name is Meinmet Alzacour de Fanel.
If my calculations are correct, I'm about seventy years old in your measure of time.

According to Alexandre, Fanel's name made you react strongly, which makes me think that you are particularly familiar with my country of origin: Fanelia.

Of course, not knowing what circumstances have led you in my world, I cannot know the encounters you have made there.

However, I think that if you know my homeland, you must have heard of my elder brother, who was my twin, his name is Goau, and he's probably the Sovereign of this country now."

"Goau Fanel ... The father of Van and Folken, but ..." The young woman thought aloud. "This man would be Van's uncle ... It's crazy ... How did he get on Earth, in Japan?"

Hoping to find answers in the following lines, she plunged into the mail again.

"Anyway, tired of being the second son, marked at the birth of a notched cross on the cheek to avoid confusion with the first born, I had the idea to travel through Gaea.
I was almost twenty years old and that seemed to me the only real way to escape the different conflicts that I had with my family, even if that broke my heart to be separated from my brother, to whom I was deeply attached and who had always supported me.

During my expeditions, one day, in a forest, I found quite recent dragon bones. This unusual fact astonished me because these animals tend rather to die in particular valleys.
Among the carcass of the animal, I found his drag-energist. To my immense surprise, the simple touch of my fingers on the stone triggered a pillar of light and I lost consciousness.

Once again conscious, looking at the sky, I quickly realized that I was on the famous Moon Illusions which so many legends speak about.
Strangely enough, I immediately understood Greek, the language of the inhabitants of the places I discovered, namely the island of Santorini.

For years, on foot, I traveled this amazing world. I first visited Western Europe and then North Africa.
Then, I went back to the north, where my route crossed that of Alexandre, to finish at the east end of Asia, in your country. The discovery of peoples and cultures that I didn't even imagine gave meaning to my existence.
Now, I realize that I cannot really travel anymore. Also, my last wish would be to see again my country and especially my brother.
I may have returned my energist stone in all directions, she never wanted to trigger a pillar of light.
Knowing that you went on Gaea, I think you could help me. Especially, I also think I could help Alexandre. In fact, since I met him, I have the deep conviction that he and I share the same blood.

I would be grateful if you would come to Kamakura Park tonight at 7:00 pm. We will be able to talk calmly without anyone listening to us and taking us for lunatics.
I sincerely hope you will come because what you know on my planet is perhaps my last hope to return there.

Yours truly,

Meinmet Fanel
Prince of Fanelia"

Incredible, it was amazing, Hitomi slumped at the bottom of the bathtub, stunned by her reading.

She, who had done everything to escape the memory of Gaea, was finally caught up in almost surreal circumstances ...
All these coincidences ... It was obvious that it couldn't be only chance ...

"Van's uncle ... She thought. Now I cannot deny what happened to me, the fact that I traveled on Gaea ... I don't think this old man give up like that to his wish and, also, it would be petty for me to refuse him some information that would allow him to go home to finish his days. He doesn't give me time to think ... Delicate ...
Finally, my faith, if I can help him and this Alexandre too ... After all, it doesn't engage me to anything, I can tell them what I know and let them do the rest ..."

Her decision made, Hitomi looked at the clock in the bathroom. It was just 6 pm, she had time to go to the meeting.

Then, trying to ignore the images of Gaea that came back to her memory despite herself, the young woman dressed up.

For a moment, looking at herself in a mirror, she saw herself at fifteen, filled with doubt and anguish.

A little later, seeing her take her bag and put on her shoes, Mamoru, briefly giving up his television, was surprised.

"You're going out?"
"Yes, if they come before me, please tell the parents that I'm fine. I'll just take a breath!"
"That's not what was agreed ... They will be angry!"
"And it will be me who will be reprimanded! Look, if it suits you, you just have to say that you didn't hear anything with your TV ..."
"Let me guess, are you going to listen to Miss Uchida complaining?"
"No, forget it ..." Hitomi said, coldly, closing the door behind her.

This almost aggressive tone surprised Mamoru. He was used to seeing his sister more kind and especially more disciplined ...

Seeing her leaving like that at the end of the day when she had promised the opposite to the parents, it was strange ... However, too hurried to continue his game, the teen did not worry more than that.

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