🌹Chapter Seven🌹

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Chapter Seven

•Liberty didn't last long•

[Unedited but changed]


"One minute it was in her hands, One second it was gone"



Adreene's Point of View

I heard the twig snap, panick started to consume me. It can't be. They can't be here.

I stood and did the only thing I can think of, I ran. I ran with all my strenght, I can't be caught just not now. I just tasted my liberty, I just got my freedom.

I ran from all the totures and I don't want to come back again I am so tired of all of this I know he's my mate, but he made me suffer and I feel so broken.

Who would do that their own mate?

He was my hope. He was my only hope. I thought, that my mate would come someday and then he would bring me to his home give me hugs and kisses Tuck me in the bed tell me how much he loves me and cuddle me to sleep. Then he would mark me and we will have pups someday.

But boi was I wrong.

He is a monster

He is a beast

He does not love

He does not care

He doesn't want me

He dont want a mate

Especially not me.

I started feeling naseous but I told myself no I can't stop, Not when the I can almost grasp the stars.

I heard paws running behind me. Yelling for me to stop but I didn't.

I ran and ran until some one pounced me from behind, I shouted because the pain of the silver wolfsbane the wolf injected me. The pain was  unbearable, I tried to fight back but the wolf growled and hit me with a stone.

Black dots filled my vision...

And everything went black.

Alpha Coner's Point of View

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Alpha Coner's Point of View

I ran to the Pack's hospital as fast as I can. My heart pounding so fast that I can't think straight. Then I felt something I've never felt for centuries.


But what do I fear?

Loosing her

I don't want her and I never will but she was and is my mate. And she will be forever my mate---


I stopped in my track.

I don't want her and I will never want her. She was and still is nothing to me. I don't want anything to do with her. Even my wolf doesn't want---

'What the f-uck are you thinking you useless human go to my mate or I will cut your head of.' My wolf named Black said

'No she is not my mate I mean look at her she can't rule our pack. She's weak and fragile. I can even break her, torture her---'

'Tell that to my dying mate and I will fuc-king rip you eyes of it's socket'

'Can you fu-cking stop cutting me when I'm speaking I am your Alpha--'

'Shut up you are nothing without me Coner remember that. I am your wolf your equal.'

'I refuse to go to your mate. Go their if you want'

'Are you stupid? Or are you nuts? I am insude your fuc-king head and you're telling me to go out there? And human watch your words I am still superior. Also look at where you are.. Not going to my mate huh?'

'You just said we're equal you stupid wolf' He shrugged it off then walked at the back of my mind then he blocked me out.

What a nice wolf I have right?

I looked at where I am and great, just great I am outside the emergency room.

I turned around and was about to leave when the doctor came out and look at me like he saw a ghost.

"A-Alpha, u-uhm the p-patient is--"

"Stop stammering or I'll cut your head, How is she?"

"Alpha, I'm sorry but they bought the prisoner too late. She's---"

To be continued...

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Author's Note:

Sorry for the long wait and here's another update. I have a terrible writer's block so please bear with me.

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