Love is Hard

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Why am I so dumb?
And why am I so blind?
I know It's not like how it seems
And now I got lower with my self-esteem.

U got me in a trap
Well, now I know that.
I thought I can trust you,
But now I only say "Fuck you"

Every time I felt high,
After a little while I felt down
I'm truly full of my tears
And now I can't breath.

I'm breakin' up with you,
I don't want to hear  "I love you".
Most of the time I can't eat,
Becouse I'm too weak.

Shit,I can't get over you
My thoughts are full around you.
I'm hitting my head in the wall,
And getting scars on my arms.

Életem legelső verse amit magamtól írtam és szerintem eléggé gáz lett,de úgy döntöttem,hogy kiposztolom,mert miért ne xd

Bocsi az angol nyelv miatt és az angol nyelvtanom miatt.Próbálkoztam és hát így sikeredett :'D

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