Chapter Two

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    It’s been three days, three days since Cristobal was taken and Emily has completely turned around choosing to be fully involved in finding her son. Ruby has been helping as much as possible as well, just by cleaning, organizing, helping with meals. She has been giving all of herself to those around, trying to help, but also breaking on the inside. Putting on a mask every morning, yet crumbling when in the security of her room. No one knew it though.

Quietly Ruby entered Emily Galindo’s office giving a slight knock.

“Excuse me, Emily if you don’t mind I would like the rest of the day off? I have some personal errands that need to be taken care of, also thought I’d visit my mom.”

“Of course, you have been doing so much for us here please take the day. Thank you for everything.” Emily responded giving her worker but more importantly her friend a hug.

As Ruby was leaving the house to her car Miguel and his head security Nestor stopped her.

“Ruby, where are you heading?” Miguel asked noticing Emily wasn't with her but neither was any security.

“I um talked to Emily about taking a personal day to run some errands as well as going to see my mom. She said it was okay.” The young woman said keeping her head high.

“It is, just with recent events I want someone to go with you.” pausing for a moment before continuing, “Nestor, how about you go with her. We will be fine at the house with the other security personnel.”

Sighing Ruby agreed knowing she wouldn't win the battle on wanting to go alone and not needing “protection”.

Nodding his head Nestor looked at the young woman. “Where to first? I'll drive.”

“You don't have to drive, I'm very capable of doing it myself.”

Smirking Nestor just nodded his head before responding, “Yes, but a lady should never have to drive themselves if they don't have to.”

Sighing know it was no use in fighting Ruby replied, “Fine. To the bookstore I guess.” Tossing the man her keys and getting in the passenger seat.

After at least an hour in the bookstore Ruby and Nestor left with five books each, the kind of books neither would want to be caught with. The cheesy romantic books that could never happen except in their own fictional world. Yet here they were loading them into the redhead’s car. “So next stop is the pharmacy, I need to pick up a few things and would prefer to go in alone if you don’t mind?”

Simply agreeing Nestor sets out for their next location. After parking Ruby quickly hurried out but not before telling her “shofer” for the day she’d be right back. As soon as she left Ruby was right back.

“Okay, so this is the address for my mom’s place. I’ll need some help bringing the books in and it might be awhile so you’re welcome to come inside.” Ruby explained quietly before continuing. “Um, also just so you’re not taken by surprise my mom is deaf. So if she says or asks anything I’ll translate and vise versa, if you do talk to her please make sure she can see your face and speak clearly. Please don’t yell, the louder you’re does not change that fact that she can not hear you, it’s also a sure fire way to get me pissed.”

Laughing slightly at the last half of what Ruby had said, then replying. “The books make sense now, truthfully didn’t see you as the type of woman to like cheesy romantics.”

Raising an eyebrow at the man beside her, “What type of book do you think I would read then?”

“Well, during Cristobal's nap time I have spotted you with an educational book, or spiritual book from time to time. Which are both far from what we picked up today.”

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