Part 1

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Church turned around to face his teammates, all stuck in the fighting stance, waiting for the door to open. Frozen in time, as Church recorded his message for his friends. He shattered, wrapping up his recording with a final thought.

"Ain't that a bitch?"


Ruby jolted awake in her sleep. Another nightmare. About the man clad in strange armor that looked straight out of a sci-fi comic. Has she been reading them too much recently? She opened her scroll to reveal its only 1 in the morning. 'Only two hours of sleep this time? Ugh.. I guess this will have to do.' She thought to herself. She got up from bed, and walked into the bathroom. She got dressed into some casual clothes, (A red hoodie, black leggings and some red and black sneakers.) and slipped out of the dorm room, hoping to not wake any of her team mates.

She jogged around campus to try and clear her head and make herself tired so sleeping would be easier. As she did, she felt a presence that she was being watched. She turned around only to be met with nothing, but when she turned back, she was met with a fist to the face and was knocked out cold on the spot.

A few hours later, Ruby found herself back in her dorm room bed with her clothes still on her, but the back of her head felt like it had been ripped open and something had been shoved into it. She sat up, and touched the back of her head. She felt something.. damp? She put her scroll up to it and saw that it was blood. Blood!

Ruby yelped and dropped her scroll to the floor. If that yelp didn't wake her team up, the drop from the scroll did. He team started stirring and all began complaining. Yang was the first to speak up.

Yang: "Ugh.. Ruby.. is everything alright? Did you have another nightmare?"

Ruby: "U-uh.. yeah.. just another nightmare. I'll be right back, you guys go back to sleep."

She hopped off her bunk, grabbed her scroll and scurried into the bathroom. She started to wash the back of her head off, curious as to what happened. The last thing she remembered was being knocked out cold and then waking up in her dorm. She felt fine, and her body didn't feel sore other than her head felt like it had been shot several times. As she was washing her head she felt something metallic.. and cold. 'What?? What happened?' She put her fingers around the object and began to yank on it, attempting to get it off. It just caused a huge sharp pain to go throughout her entire body, causing her to stop.

She stood, frozen in pain, her arms bracing herself up on the countertop of the bathroom. She stared into the mirror, a look of horror on her face. She attempted to yank out the thing again, but the same result happened. Finally, Ruby decided to take a picture of it with her scroll, so she did. Examining the picture brought her a result of some strange octagonal like chip that had blue circuitry on the front. It seemed like it was implanted in her head, and that it was attached to some sort of base mount which was inside of her head. She gasped and a sharp pain shot through her body as she started to hear... talking?

???: 'Oooh shit.. Where am I?'

Ruby couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her dad was in her head now? And swearing around Ruby?? This was all so much for her to handle. She just started trembling.

???: 'Woah.. calm down there, kid. Don't die on me. I'd rather not be stuck in a corpse.'

Ruby didn't know how to respond. She just stood in silence as she was processing the fact that she had her dad's voice stuck in her head. Is she going insane? Suddenly, a small cobalt figure appeared on her open scroll on the counter next to the sink. The one from her nightmares. It was holding a sniper and it just looked right up at her.

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