(Jotaro&Giorno)Sea Anemones

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Giorno fell silent. "Yes, you're right." His sapphire eyes moved up to look straight at the other pair. A lurch of anxiety, no, perhaps it was excitement, ran through Giorno's stomach. "So..?"

So Jotaro told him. He told Giorno of England and the fire that swept through the Joestar manor. He told of how Giorno's father took the stone mask and cast aside his humanity; how he possessed his brother's body and corrupted it with vile darkness. He told of Egypt, the crusade, of Holly, Kakyoin, Iggy, and Avdol. He described the horrors found within Dio's mansion, everything.

And Giorno did not know what to say. So he stayed silent; stony faced and unreadable, just as he always was. And by the story's end, the room had only grown colder.

Giorno felt as though he should say something—but he couldn't. What was he to say? 'I'm sorry for your loss Signor Kujo. I now fully understand that father was a horrible creature that fully deserved death. Please have a good afternoon.' It just wouldn't do.

The same could be mostly said for how Jotaro was feeling. And so—He found his eyes wandering to what they always wandered to during his moments of discomfort.

On the side of the room, there was a tank, not huge, but not super small either. It contained some marine plants, a few small fish, even a water lily. Jotaro wondered if Giorno knew of such things, or if he only had the tank for display. Either way, he found those sea anemones really interesting; far more so than his current position.

Giorno noticed this and, finally, he had found his subject. "Do you happen to like anything in that tank?" Giorno started, already knowing that answer.

Jotaro opened his mouth to strike the subject down, before abruptly changing his mind. "Yeah." Then he thought for a moment. "And you?"

"The coral, I find it to be particularly fascinating." Giorno smiled.

And suddenly, the room seemed so much warmer. Someone had scrapped off the frost, put out the flames of tension, and the oxygen returned to Giorno's lungs; perhaps Jotaro's as well.

"The small reef, huh." Jotaro looked over to study it more thoroughly. "You do have a good one going on there."

"Please don't flatter me, there's still plenty of work to be done," A smile graced Giorno's lips, not quite genuine, but almost there. "the blennies needs still require more attention, and the system of feeding the sea anemones definitely needs work."

All of a sudden there's a sparkle in Jotaro's eyes, and malice is gone. "About those sea anemones..."

So they talk, and talk. Jotaro drinks a cup of coffee, and all is well.


Almost all.

Because, you see, there was another in the room all that time. The turtle, Polnareff, and he was bored; really, really bored. He swore, if he heard one more damn word about those god damn sea anemones he might actually murder someone. And so, with heavy heart, Polnareff crawled towards the exit. One. Painful. Step. At. A. Time.

Eventually, he reaches it, the exit; the way out of his plight. With his heavy shell, Polnareff pushes the door open, and crawls into the other room. Waiting for him is Mista and Trish. They had decided to stay nearby, just in case.

"Pol?" Trish went over and swept up the turtle into her arms. "Is there something wrong in there?" Of course, they wouldn't know. The walls were soundproof after all.

"It's not fine!" Polnareff wept from trauma. "God it's...horrifying in there."

That got Mista's attention real fast. "How?" An olive skinned hand crept towards the gun Mista always kept with him.

Polnareff sighed. "Its...better you see yourself."

So, the trio kept towards the door, inching it open just a little, and they listened, and listened. And ultimately, almost died of the sheer boredom of it all. Who...who possibly would need to know the cell structure of a sea anemone?

It was at that moment that the trio vowed never to eve glance at a biology book.


Honestly? I'm not even sure where this came from. I was literally just sitting in the sun and suddenly thought... 'Wow a conversation about biology between Jotaro and Giorno would be pretty damn funny'

Then I wrote this and it was suddenly somewhat emotional? Huh?? Honestly this fic almost turned into a practice for writing my other Oneshot where Giorno meets the family.

Either way...uh...I guess, 'hope you enjoyed. It's my first time ever writing Jotaro or Giorno, so I really hope it's at least somewhat in character.

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