polnareff - connected by fate

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It was a rough day; your boss had been critiquing every little thing you did, your friends had cancelled out their plans the day of, and you had been suffering from a terrible migraine for most of the day. So, your first choice of the night was to hit the local bar to drown out your problems.

As soon as you opened the door, your nose was overwhelmed by the strong smell of alcohol and fellow drinkers like yourself. Walking in, you sat on a bar stool, resting your head on your hand as you waited for the bartender. While you were waiting, you saw a very interesting figure. He was a tall man, with a buff physique, and a strange hairstyle; silver and pointed up like a box on it's long side. You figured he couldn't be older than 24, maybe younger. As interesting as he was a character, you didn't really care about him yet. Booze before babes!

The bartender approached you, her eyes looking tired. She must be an all night worker, you thought, the poor woman. "Welcome to D'arby's Bar, home to only the finest liquor. Let me know when you've made your mind on your drink." She said, with a somewhat forced smile. You nodded, skimming over the drink menu. In the end, you settled on a fruity drink with a very high intoxication level. You figured that it wouldn't hurt to have a shot.

Then one shot became two, two became three, three became seven? It was hard to say. Your head was already spinning and your worries were gone. A familiar fuzzy feeling was filling your head, like cotton balls were pleasantly filling your head. Why think when you can just feel fuzzy?

Seeing that time was irrelevant right now, you looked down at your wrist. The small red heart, seemingly engraved, was as dull gray as always. That's how your soulmate system worked. The heart on your wrist would be gray until your soulmate made contact with you, whether by accidentally bumping into you, or chatting about the weather. Some sort of effort had to be given to one another.

As you stared at your gray heart, the silver haired guy from earlier brushed past you, heading towards someone who was calling in French. Then, it happened. Your gray little heart glowed a happy magenta for a split second before disappearing. Your eyes widened and looked around for who could have brushed you, before your eyes met with his.

A bright marine blue shined, but was glazed with the obvious signs of liquor. There was a pause, an awkward tension. "Did... Did you make my heart glow?" He asked in a slurred voice, a French accent very prominent in his speech. You shrugged and stood up, stumbling over to him. Sure enough, the dialogue you two had made your hearts glow the bright magenta. However, because you both were completely drunk, this didn't register to either of you, and in your drunken states, assumed this meant that you two were fated to be best friends.

And so, a night of rambunctious fun and close calls began. Playing practical pranks on each other, others around you, it was like you two had never been strangers, despite this was your first time ever meeting. You two were practically two peas in a pod. When one cracked a joke, the other would howl in laughter. Needless to say, you both were the noisiest patrons in the bar tonight, and the poor bartender wasn't going to have a break anytime soon.

You didn't remember much after 2 am, except that you and the Frenchman basically ruled the bar. In all that time, however, you never learned each other's names. It was irrelevant, partying was way more important! That night was one of your funner ones in recent months. Work had drained so much from you that sometimes your fellow coworkers thought you were a soul in a corpse's shell. Dancing, drinking, playing silly games, then drinking again was your only routine that night with this handsome Frenchman. Tomorrow was sure to bring more fun, right?

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