51: "Sounds like a plan!"

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Wesley and I decided to take a walk on the beach while Arden and Mitch slept. It was just after breakfast and as soon as Arden went back to sleep after she had her morning bottle, I decided to take Wessy on a walk.
I held my son's hand as he admired the ocean next to us. His curls were pushed under a little sunhat Mitch insisted Wesley wore whenever he left the house.
I looked down at Wesley, "Yes, Handsome?"
"Why is water loud?"
"Well, bigger the waves, the more energy they carry, and the louder they sound. When the sound of the waves arrive at your ears, louder sounds push harder against your eardrums."
He blinked, "drums in my ears?!"
I laughed, "something like that,"
"So cool!"
I smiled and it wasn't long before we found a Starbucks along the boardwalk. While I got myself a coffee, Wesley happily sipped on some juice and munched on a post-breakfast snack. He chose a nearby table and while we sat, my phone went off with a text from Mitch.
I smiled as I read the message, my eyes quickly landing on the image Mitch sent of our daughter as she slept next to him in bed.
"Look at Arden, Wessy," I showed him the screen.
"Yeah. Do you want to go home and see her?"
He nodded and climbed off the seat, grabbing my hand as soon as I stood.
We made our way home, talking about the sea, the birds and whatever else he could think of, and soon Mitch and Arden joined us outside for a few hours before I packed our bags back into the car and dressed Wesley and got him ready to leave the beach.
He was asleep in no time, as was Arden, and so Mitch and I kept our conversations quiet while I drove.
Mitch's hand rested comfortably on mine- which was on my leg- and as we talked, I felt his hand squeeze mine every few minutes. I felt so comfortable and happy just holding his hand, knowing that he was right there with me.
"How are classes coming along?" He asked as we pulled up to a red light.
"Good, almost done," I yawned. "The school is sponsoring a trip to New York next month but have yet to release the list of students going,"
"That sounds like fun! What will you be doing there?"
"Just watching some court cases, talking to some people in suits, and maybe a presentation or two. I kind of don't want to go, though,"
"Why not?" He squeezed my hand. "It'll give you and opportunity to see your friends and see New York again. You're such a city boy. I'm surprised you haven't taken a trip back yet,"
I just shrugged. "I'd be more willing to go if I can bring you and the kids with me. I'd be gone for a week and I don't know if I can go so long without my babies,"
"We'll be fine," he assured me. "Don't you miss your friends?"
"I mean— yeah, I guess. But I have friends here,"
"Babe, if you get the opportunity, you should go. You deserve a little break,"
"And so do you," I replied. "If I get offered to go, do you want to go with me?"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, babe. I'm sure K and K wouldn't mind watching the kids for the week,"
He shrugged, "I have always wanted to see New York City.."
"Great, it's decided." I squeezed his hand before bringing it to my lips to kiss. "If I go to New York, then you go too."
"Sounds like a plan!" Wesley chirped from the back seat, causing us to laugh.
I shook my head, my smile still on my face as I listened to Mitch tease Wesley and cause our toddler to laugh adorably.
God, I chuckled to myself. What a life.


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