Author's note

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Hello Wattpaders!

Thank you for coming inside and giving a chance to this book. 

◘  If you're seeing my book or a part of it anywhere online, contact me through PM. Record screenshots if you can and send me here -->

◘  "Am I Married?" is a complete novel and it is only available for reading on Wattpad. 

◘  This book is under-editing. You'll find major errors, typos and grammar errors so prior apology for that. I'll fix them in next few months. 

◘  Feel free to point out my grammar errors, I'll be thankful and correct my mistakes. It would be easier for me to locate them. Hahaha!

◘  No hate comments, please. You can criticize the characters for their actions and show your frustrations for them in the comment section. I won't mind because I know you'll feel frustrated with the characters as you move on with the book, but you're not allowed to abuse the book or the author. If you don't like this novel, then stop reading. You're not obliged to go till the end. 

◘  Don't take anything personally, don't be so judgmental. Its just a fiction, nothing real. 

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