I'm Late!!!

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Beep! Beep!

Beep Beep Beep!!!

I glance at my clock 7:45. Ugh!! I'm Late for school!! I jumped out of bed and race toward my bathroom. I hopped in the shower only to yelp in surprise. THE WATER WAS TOO COLD!! Can this day get any worse? Just when I said that the water suddenly turned hot and it burned me. "Son of a - " I stopped realizing that my parents could probably hear me. I quickly jumped out and put on whatever I found in my closet. I ran out of my room and headed downstairs. I saw my mom and dad sitting at the island. My mom's on her phone dealing with business while my dad's reading the newspaper. They spot me and point to a plate with eggs and toast on it. I gladly accept and thank the gods for at least something going good. As I'm scarfing down my food I listen in to my mom's heated argument.

"Yes Armand I will be there at the meeting today and so will Athena" she paused "Yes Armand she will be there on time today. It won't be a repeat of last time" my mother shot me a pointed look and I gave her my best innocent face. She rolled her eyes and I chuckled. My dad shook his head laughing. You see I kind of live a double life. During the day I'm the normal geek-chic golden daughter of Hollywood's it couple. My parents are Emerald and Maxwell Carter. The actor/models/CEOs. They own Carter industries which is one of the biggest clothing empire in the world.

But during the night, I on the other hand, am one of the top paying Angels for Victoria's Secret. My fans know me as Athena because my parents and I decided early on that it was best if I had my normal life separated from my job. I glance at my clock and realize that if I don't get going I'm gonna be late. I kiss my mom and dad goodbye. My mom mouths to me to come home early for work and I salute. Trust me although my mom is short you do not want to be on her bad side or else she could chew you up whole and spit you out in pieces. Just as I'm about to grab my bag my baby sister comes running towards me. She latches onto my leg with a death grip. I look down into her big brown eyes and pinch her chubby round cheeks. I bend down to her level and give her a bone crushing hug. My dad then comes into the hallway and then picks her up and drags her to the kitchen. I yell my thanks to him and he tells me to drive safe. I went to the garage and picked put the keys to our black BMW. I throw my bag into the passenger seat and sped out of my drive way. I stopped at our guard gate and waved to Jimmy, the head guard. He tipped his hat and then unlocked the gate. I waved one last time and then raced toward Satan's kingdom

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