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A- I don't know Shivaay you really care for me or not but where were you from past 3 years Han when I was always waited for you

Shivaay holded Anika's hand

S- I know I did a mistake and I am regretting that

Anika pulled her hand back

A- can you give me those 3 years
You knew that I don't want any friend beside me rather than you
I was alone and I want you to go through that pain now

S- I'm sorry

A- I hate sorry word
Go from here I don't wanna see your face

Shivaay caressed her forehead and left from there.

A-  I hate you Mr. Shivaay Singh Obroi

Shivaay heard that . He came to see her but left hearing that

*In Shivaay's room*

S- I know I did a mistake and I'm sorry for that
I can't even tell you that I ..

Om- what

R- yaa bhaiya what

Omru entered Shivaay's room

S- I love her omru

Om- when did you realised

S- when I saw her hatred towards me
She hates me, saying this he started crying

S- we were best friends but I told her to be away from me just because those fake friends make fun of me saying that I  always spend time with her

S- she adjusted but last 3 years I ignored her

R- you are at fault

S- I know that's why I can't tell her now because she will reject me

Om- try first

S- no I don't wanna mess anything

R- what do you mean

S- Anika's father had asked me something

It was after accident happened.
Anika's father was leaving place when he came back and holded Shivaay's hand

S- what happened uncle

H- not uncle say papa

S- wh.. what do you mean

H- marry my daughter

S- I can't uncle
I mean how can you say like this

H- please beta
I want this for my daughter's bright future
I can't trust any other boy rather than you

S- uncle but she is not talking with me you know

H - yaa I know
I had seen her crying for you too.

Shivaay went in guilt

S- I'm sorry

H- I know you regret that now
Marry her

S- you had asked her right

H- no
I know you will handle her

S- uncle she will not marry me she doesn't loves me even

H- no she loved you but because of your rude behaviour it changed

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