Chapter 1

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(McBain Brothers Alpha Series)



Copyright 2014 © Sierra Jaid



"I'll drink my Champagne like a man. No' like some silly lass sipping at pish with her nose scrunched and her wee pinkie wagging in the air!"

Elaine looked hard at the indignant face of her nemesis of seven long years. Neither his towering height, nor the heavy timber of his voice thickening into a brogue-proof of his lost equilibrium-least bit succeeded in intimidating her.

Changed into an old pair of worn jeans and sunny top, she had come downstairs to the twilight room after receiving an important call from New York on her cell to find him gulping down mouthfuls of McBain House's best Champagne right from the bottle, much like the uncivilized brute he seemed with the scowl he always had reserved just for her.

The fine cut of his dove grey suit did nothing to sublimate the potent rawness his finer figure exuded. The chiselled face was blazing with the glint of his blue eyes. Hairs were so deep a brown they appeared black if not under the light of day. But this darkness was nothing compared to the black heart he carried in his chest.

Elaine, opposed to him, had milky white skin that seemed soft as whipped cream. Her delicate features complimented her smaller stature of five feet four inches with hair the colour of brewed chocolate. Big amber eyes set in hint of almond shapes mirrored the contempt turbulent inside her.

She had come to Scotland for a breath of fresh air, a change of scene, call it whatever one might, before she turned a new leaf in her sordid life.

But it hadn't even been a full twenty-four hours yet when Trevor McBain, the bane of her life, followed her here as well.

His toxic presence effectively contaminated her delight in the untouched, rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Sucked all the fun out of her stay at the imposing mansion in the lap of the great mountains.

"What are you doing here?" She tried to keep a levelled tone of voice, which was in itself a big feat since he never failed to bring her dander up.

He looked her down with an imperious glare.

From his height it certainly wasn't hard for him to make someone feel small. And it rankled Elaine. Sometimes she got this bloodthirsty urge to chop his legs from his knees. But she feared, even then, he would tower over many-including her.

"Dae I 'ave tae remind ye whose roof yer standing under? This place fo' generations had belonged tae my family."

He moved a little too close for her comfort, palling the welcoming warmth of the soft tangerine walls of the grand hall they were standing in. "And 'sides, I should be putting that question tae, ye." The hand holding the Champagne pointed a clean, masculine finger to the tip of her nose.

Elaine watched him take yet another infuriating swig from the bottle before continuing, "Sae, waif, what are ye doing here?"

Waif, it rang over and over in her ears. She should have known he would throw that in her face. He had never missed an opportunity to remind her that she had been nothing more than white trash before his mother took her in, bringing her from a run-down orphanage-children's home-to a real home. It hurt to hear that word, even a lifetime of hearing it wouldn't lessen the pain.

She needed to hurt him back. This self-righteous... Pig!

"Yes, I'm under your roof. But I was living under your roof that day too, when you took advantage of a girl six years younger, and still underage! Forgetting it seems, Trevor McBain, isn't just a flaw exclusive to waifs."

"Ye know how drunk I was." His hiss couldn't hide the grate of guilt simmering underneath.

Elaine pounced on it like a piranha for blood. "I hope that puny excuse helps you sleep at night."

If the killing glare he was shooting her was anything to go by, then it became needless to say her barb had struck right where it counted most.

Well, good! She was seething equally inside. And after the phone call she received earlier, it felt as though her world was coming to an end. And Elaine blamed him.

He was the cause of all her miseries.

Oh, how she hated him! All the pain in her heart rose to brim as if raked with a pitchfork to bleed openly. It exhumed ghosts of those aphrodisiac dreams where his long lazy kisses, breathy strokes had kindled hopes of an innocent girl infatuated with him.

Trevor might not have given her florid words then, but his body had spoken how much he needed her, cared for her. Wave after wave of dizzying pleasure he gave Elaine that night was like an unspoken promise to love her for ever.


Elaine shuddered from these debilitating pictures seared in her mind as if they were from yesterday.

All lies. She had believed what she wanted to believe with the starry, desperate, pathetic naivety of a girl barely seventeen. And in return received what such an offense deserved-hurt and humiliation wading like a marauder to rob her of all her dreams of love and happiness.

Too strong and fierce emotions threatened to drown Elaine. She felt disoriented. Unable to distinguish past from present. Lost to what she wanted.

She wanted to hurl in his face the shards of her broken heart. She wanted him to take her in his arms and kiss her as if the hatred and petty squabbling of the long years had been nothing but a bad dream-wake her up from this nightmare.

If he hadn't.. If she weren't in..

The turmoil churning within her was proving beyond her control. And before she could judge the wisdom of her next action, her hands from either side lifted of their own volition to grab hold of his lapels.

"You.. stupid, stupid Scot." With that rasped curse she pulled his big, tall frame down to meet her mouth.

The mere touch of his warm, unsuspecting lips cut her adrift from all anchors, opening a gateway of despairs to the long nights and lonely days she had spent burying her longing and yearning for him.

The dull thunk of the Champagne bottle hitting the expensive carpet was the last thing she registered of the world about when the gust of his violent fervour blew her off her feet.

Solid arms crushed her to him, forcing hers to come up and hold him closer. The mouth opening over hers was rough in its demand, still she pressed back, wanting more-their teeth grinding from the force of his invasion.

The molten heat from his tongue flowed down her insides bringing to life the lust and passion for long lying dormant.

Her breasts thrummed to it. Ached to be soothed. They wanted his rowdy hands, that electric tongue of his with an unbearable trill that strummed the strings to her heart. When he nipped at the soft inside of her bottom lip, beads adorning those perfect globes hardened, begging their share in his attention.

Trevor tilted Elaine's jaw higher to better receive his kiss, increased the thrilling pressure, and she helplessly complied. Too much of him was inundating her. Even the air coming into her lungs was drawn from his fired breaths caressing her face. It sapped her of her will.

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