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It's been four days since school started and its Friday now. I'm currently at home, about to leave to go to the bus stop. I lock the old, white door, stuff the keys in my pocket and headphones in my ears and I'm on my way.

along the way I see this little stray puppy and stop to pet his soft little body and then he followed me all the way to the bus stop. From a distance I see Liza talking to Alex, he back facing me. I wave to Alex whilst also placing my index finger on my lips, indicating him to be quiet.

I pick up the puppy that's following me and slowly walk to Liza.

"boo!" I say in a deep voice, scaring Liza yet making her smile cause of the puppy.

"oh my God a puppy?" she says to me in a pouty face.

"I found him on my way here, he just started following me. Wanna hold him?" I ask

"Do I wanna hold him? Of course I wanna hold him David!" Liza says angrily

"o-okay" I chuckle, handing the puppy over to her

As I'm talking to Liza, I glance up to behind her. I notice Alex looking down at his phone, looking kinda troubled about something. I look back at Liza and give her my attention once again.

The bus arrives here soon enough and we all head in, occupying the same seats as always. Liza in front of me, Alex beside me and Dom behind us.


Lunch time rolled around pretty quickly and before I knew it, I was laughing and shouting with the gang.

"hey guys, so i was scrolling around Twitter yesterday and some new app was announced. I think it's called vine? I'm not sure, I can't remember. anyways, I checked it out and the clips people post on there are pretty funny. I tried making some vines but they suck, barely got any views. Do you guys wanna make some?" I asked everyone and they seemed pretty intrigued

"yeah sure, seems pretty fun." Liza exclaims.

after a while of trying to come up with something food related, we finally got something down about apples. We uploaded it to my account and waited. Just then the bell rang and off we were to class.

While in U.S history, I get a text from Liza with a picture attached.

Liza: Hey, wanna go
to a party later tonight?

Yeah sure, I'm down.
Who's party is it?

Liza: Oh I got an invite
from the quarter back, Todd

Alright sick, I'm gonna
invite Alex and Dom.

I make a group chat and add Alex and Dom to it, along with Liza too.

(A/N: Liza=Bold, Alex= Bold Italic, Dom= Italic, David: normal)


added: Liza, Alex and Dom

Hey guys, there's this party later tonight that some guy named Todd is hosting,
ya'll wanna go?

Alex: I'll go if Dom is going

Dom: I'll go if Alex goes

Liza: I'm already going :p

Alright sick, the only problem is that I don't have a car. Anybody willing to drive?

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