Chapter Twenty-Four

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Sally slowly and carefully opened the letter, her fingers drifting across the paper. Paul backed away, giving Sally plenty of room to read the letter by herself before sharing.

Hello, Mrs. Blofis.
My name is Andronicus Jackson. You probably don't know I exist, but I do. Percy- your son- is my twin brother. That makes me your son, huh? Anyway, you most likely don't remember that I exist. I understand and can tell you why: the gods wiped your memory and tried to kill me right after I was born because they thought I'd be a threat. However, they didn't know that you were pregnant with twins, so Percy ended up surviving. It's crazy how the gods thought I'd be the dangerous and powerful one when it's so obviously Percy. What was I going to say next? Ah. Right.

A little bit about me. Like I said, my name is Andronicus. Supposedly it was the backup name for Percy, so it was given to me instead. Everyone calls me Andy. Percy and I are a lot alike, but also very different. He was raised by you and Camp Half-Blood; I was raised by Kronos. We look almost 100% identical, though. Percy says that we get the sea-green eyes from Poseidon but that all our other features are from you. Gods, you must be beautiful.

I don't really know why I decided to write this and reach out. Maybe it was because I finally met Percy. Maybe it was because I plan on proposing to my girlfriend. I'm not sure. I just wanted you to know that I exist. I completely understand if you never want anything to do with me. But, if for some reason you want to meet me, please give a letter with the date, time, and location to Laura at the ice cream shop across the street. She can get it to me.

Sincerely yours,

Sally sunk to her knees instantly, sobbing. Paul immediately reached down and wrapped his arms around her. "I have another son. I have another son." She cried over and over again.

Andy and Arabella helped Percy back to his room after him coming out of a reboot of the Cleansing with Kronos. As they were walking, an envelope appeared in front of Andy. He snatched it out of the air without thinking, leaving Arabella to hold Percy up by herself. Giving up, she doing his body across her shoulders and carried the dead weight to his room while the dead weight's brother stopped to read a letter.

There's so many things I want to say to you! My god, I'm so sorry that I wasn't there for you. I'm sorry I let all of this happen to you. Whenever you get the chance, darling, please, please, please come over. I want to see you so badly. I'm so proud that you and Percy have met and bonded without my interference. Andy, baby, knowing you exist has made me so happy. You and Percy- it's a dream come true. As soon as you can, please come over. Paul- my husband- wants to meet you too.
PS- please tell Percy I love him; he tends to forget people care about him

Andy stood in the hallway, grinning like crazy. He rushed to Percy's room, waving the letter in the air. As soon as he got in the room, his smile plummeted and his head grabbed his sword hilt. "Percy, Arabella, what's going on here?" Andy asked warningly. Arabella was pinned to the wall, her hands raised up in surrender as Percy pushed against her throat with his forearm, his sword top level underneath her chin as well. Arabella's face was turning reddish-purple from the loss of oxygen.

"" Arabella squeaked out. Andy rushed over and had to physically pull Percy off. "Percy! Percy, hey! What's going on?!" Andy yelled, slightly shaking Percy by the shoulders. Percy's eyes were blank and unfocused, staring just past Andy. Arabella coughed violently, trying to regain her composure and breath. Deciding the risk was worth it, Andy squeezed Percy into a giant hug, hoping to get Percy to come back to them and away from this headspace of sorts he was in.

Eventually, it worked. Percy shook slightly. "An- Andy?" Percy's voice was small. "Hey, baby bro." "I'm not- baby bro? Twin?" Percy sounded out of his mind; like he was still confused and struggling with putting words together. "I'm older than you by seven minutes, Perce. That makes you my baby brother." Andy replied, still holding Percy in the hug. Percy suddenly jerked away. "Bell- Ara...bell- I hurt-" Percy looked around frantically, seeing Arabella. She was still rubbing at her throat, a bruise starting to form slightly from where Percy was holding her.

Percy slowly walked over to her, cautious. Arabella seemed tentative. "I can- I can fix. It. Fix it." Percy replied, attempting to steady his voice. Arabella looked past Percy to Andy. He nodded. Arabella looked at Percy and nodded, removing her hand. Slowly, Percy lifted his pointer finger and middle finger together to softly touch the side of her neck. His eyes momentarily glowed, the red skin and bruise disappearing until her neck was completely normal. Arabella lifted her hand to her neck quickly. I'm fine- no more pain, she thought. "Thank you, Percy." Percy nodded and looked down.

Clearing his throat, Percy straightened his posture. Something seemed to flash behind his eyes, something unrecognizable to Arabella and Andy. "Sorry for that, Arabella." He stated simply. "It's fine now." Arabella replied. She and Andy still looked slightly tense, still trying to decipher the hidden look in Percy's gaze. Andy began telling Percy about the letter he received from their mother and Arabella quickly and subtly pulled out her phone, going to a group chat with Noah, Rynn, and Asher and texting come to Percy's room asap before hitting send and putting her phone away again.

About a minute later, Noah, Rynn, and Asher entered the room. Percy and Andy briefly acknowledged them before going back to the conversation. "What's up?" Noah whispered to Arabella. "I'm not sure. I have a bad feeling. I feel like something's going to happen." Arabella whispered back. Percy and Andy's conversation was cut off by Percy's phone ringing.

Hesitantly, he picked it up, checked the caller ID- unknown number- and held it to his ear. "Hello?" He asked. There was a very short pause. "Percy? Oh my- thank the gods!" Percy's whole body shook before tensing up. His knees seemed to buckle slightly. "Percy? Are you there?" He stumbled, barely catching himself on his desk. Everyone rushed over to help him, but he swatted them away. "You can't be calling me. You, you-" "Percy, baby, you have to believe me when I say this: I don't remember anything from the past year." This time, Percy didn't catch himself and instead sunk to his knees, eyes wide and a hand over his mouth. "Percy?" Andy asked. "Please tell me you remember me. Seaweed Brain, it's me, Annabeth. Your girlfriend. Please say something. I'm scared and confused and I need you."

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