This is what happens when you park in Parker's spot...Chapter 1

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This is my first story, I'm 13 so I don't actually know any of this from experience, it's all made up. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think!

The walls of my room are all painted different colours.

My music wall is a shimmery grey. It’s my favourite wall, and the grey can barely be seen because of all the posters, CD’s and my prized guitars on the wall.

My academic wall is light green. It just contains all my awards, and unfortunately, a lot of this wall can be seen.

My family wall is gold. Not metallic gold, the gold of autumn leaves. I was very picky about the exact shades of these walls. My family wall is mainly covered with pictures of my friends, and my cat. This wall is full, luckily, because even though I don’t have many friends (OK, I have 1 friend. Happy?) I’m a photographer, and that’s what my last wall is for.

Jet black and covered with my work, is my photograph wall. I have so many photos; there isn’t enough room for them all.

“Millie? Can you come down here for a second?”

Dad must be home.

“Sure. Hi, Dad,” I said while running down the stairs.

“Sit, down, sit down, I have some news.”

“OK, good news or bad news?” I said.

“Depends on your perception of it.”

I roll my eyes. Dad’s a lawyer, 24/7.

“Cut the lawyer talk, and get on with it,” I said.

“I got you an early birthday present.”

Wait… WHAT?

“Cool… Why?”

“I’m going on a business trip.” He said.

Oh, I get it. It’s not an early birthday present, it’s an ‘I’m sorry for not being around’ present.

“The good news is that it’s a car.” He said, smiling at me.

Keep cool… Keep cool…

“Thank you so much Dad I love you I promise I will take the best care of this car ever seriously you can trust me, I won’t do that thing I did to my Barbie car when I was 4, I’m 16 now and more responsible, you know that, anyway I don’t think - ”

“Millie, please, you haven’t gotten more responsible, but I trust you won’t flush this car down the toilet.”

I blushed. I needed to stop doing that.

“OK, but why did you suddenly decide to buy me a car?” I said. There’s always a catch behind a present this big.

“Patience, I want you to see the car before you hear the bad news,” he steers me into the garage.

I gasp. It’s beautiful.

“It’s a Mercedes.”

“I don’t care, it’s gorgeous!”                                                                                      

Hulking metal, a sturdy little car, painted the same colour as my family wall. Small, independent and bold, just like me.

“I LOVE it! When can I start driving it?” I said.

“Well you can drive it to school today, if you want.”

I can’t contain it anymore. I throw myself at him, shrieking.

“Would you like me to tell you the bad news when you get home?” he asks. “I don’t want to ruin your first day with the car.”

I can only nod.

Just as I predicted, the car drives perfectly. I’m so glad I finally have my own car, and I don’t have to drive Dad’s anymore. Now I can show it off at school… as if. The only one who will care is Katelyn. As I said before, I have 1 friend. Seriously. I’m  Millie, by the way, I’m 16, obviously, so I’m licensed to drive a car.   I’ve got boring brown eyes and boring brown hair, and I’m practically invisible at school, but people have learnt I’m not the nerdy kid who cries when people make fun of her.

I pulled into the student parking lot. I should have come earlier… it’s packed! There’s one spot, right at the front. Perfect. I pull in and turn off the gas. I get out of the car, and walk to class. Katelyn is running to me. She doesn’t look happy, she looks worried, I wonder what’s happened this time?

“Millie,” she puffed. “You can’t park there, that’s - ”


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