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*Hope doesn't exist*

Mae Lynn Mikaelson. The one offspring of a hybrid and wolf, making a tiny baby hybrid. It's been 200 hundred years since she was born, since Dhalia tried to ruin the family. Since her mother was casted a wolf. They have still been at war, the Wolf's and Vampires and her mother still, a wolf, only human once a month.

Mae has stayed in New Orleans for the last 200 years to keep her family together. To keep them happy. As if she really ever could leave. Rebekah only comes around when there's a war, holiday or Maes birthday. But stays as far as possible away from Niklaus. Elijah stayed and helped take care of Mae growing up, along with Freya. Kol moved away when Divina died .

But as the time has come, Mae wants to experience what it's like to stay away from her Father and his transgressions. Niklaus puts up a fight to not let Mae leave his side, but meanwhile Elijah helps her escape her fathers Wrath, and to earn the freedom. Thus starts a war.

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