Twenty Six

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Twenty Six


"Just us."

It turned out that he got Manager Kang to fix his schedule so he could have a two-day off from his rehearsals which was in a way great because he would be able to take a rest. Though how he got his manager to agree with him, that I didn't really know.

Another thing that got me surprised was when he told me that we'd go right away. I, of course, protested telling him that I at least have to go home and ask permission from my Aunt which he easily contradicted by suggesting to call her instead. He even told me that I need not worry about my things anymore because he already had them taken care of. How on earth he was able to do it that fast, I also didn't have any idea.

"It'll be a surprise." Was all he said when I asked him where he was planning to take me.

Honestly, this got me a bit worried and excited at the same time. I mean of course, I'm sure it'd be a meaningful trip for the both of us since this was going to be our first time to be somewhere else apart from my mom's hometown and Seoul. But then, considering that it would just be the two of us for the next couple of days got me a bit antsy as well. However, I knew I'd be a fool to refuse his request. So, after making a call to tell Aunt Sunny that I'd be away for a couple of days with Baekhyun, which actually got her a bit worried at first thinking how it'd be a bit risky for the both of us, she eventually agreed.

We went back to his room. I was standing right behind him while he picked the clothes he was going to bring for the trip. Somehow, I couldn't help but fidget at the thought that he asked someone to buy clothes for me again. And it must have been written all over my face that he ended up asking me right away. When I told him what was bothering me, he just assured that he already asked someone to take care of all the things I would be needing for the trip. Well, that someone turned out to be his cousin, Soo Ah which made me uncomfortable for a second, now that I knew that she was friends with Kim Ara. I mean it's really awkward, right?

The truth was, I wanted to insist to just take care of it myself but I was sure he would get why I was acting this way and we'd probably end up talking about Ara once more. So I decided to keep my mouth shut instead.

Afternoon came.

We were already outside and Mr. Yoo just came back with about six shopping bags of different sizes on both hands. He must have met with Soo Ah, I concluded.

"I just hope she got you proper clothes this time." I heard him say before asking Mr. Yoo to take the bags to the compartment of his car. "I don't want you freezing again this time." He added as he opened the door of the passenger's seat for me.

As I got in, I tried my hardest to stifle a laugh as I remembered how annoyed he was with the clothes Soo Ah bought for me the last time.

"Don't worry, I bought the padding jackets from the closet." I informed him as soon as he got inside the car.

He replied with a smile before talking to Mr. Yoo, informing him that he could take a few days off while he's away. A wide smile crossed the man's face, obviously delighted.

We left at around four in the afternoon. Seoul was a bit busy on a Thursday. The traffic was not that bad but there were still so many vehicles on the road. I also noticed a few ads with his face as we drove out of the city.

"Your popularity is no joke Mr. Byun." I commented when we passed by a large Led monitor with his concert details.

"And I'm about to forget about that for a few days and concentrate on you Miss Park." He replied, glancing at me as he took my hand and placed it on his lap.

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