Wyatt | confessions

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"so there's no hard feelings?" maddie asked me as i applied a layer of lipgloss.

"no." i said. "wyatt and i are back to being friends like we used to be before we dated."

maddie made a face that made me roll my eyes "and i can still be friends with him, there's no feelings attached it's been two years we're so much older and mature and-"

"spare me." maddie said putting her hand up.

i shook my head "we're just hanging out like friends would."

"mmmhhhh." maddie said smirking.

"what are you saying a girl and a guy can't be friends without feelings attached?" i asked leaning in the vanity.

"i didn't say that." maddie said smiling. "i didn't say anything, but it's that you can't be friends with him without feelings attached."

i rolled my eyes "i just got out of a relationship."

"yeah that lasted two years." she added making her 'matter of fact' face.

"that ended four months ago." i added giving her the same look.

"whatever." maddie said. "the breakup was mutual!"

"he left me for my friend." i said. "who said she didn't care if we dated, because she never felt anything towards him anyway, who said the entire relationship was for promotion, i found out and only then was it considered mutual."

"she's not your friend." maddie sighed. "i am, antonio is, tana is..but loren is not."

"you forgot wyatt." i said lowly.

"he's not a friend." maddie said shrugging.

"whatever." i said. "i can't get over what happened with..with you know who."

"you ought to." she said. "no one respects him after what he did to you, or her." i looked down at my feet "just take what i say into consideration, try."

i looked up at her "i'll try, just not with him." i slid my phone into my pocket "i'll see you later."

i walked past her and left her in the her room, i walked through her hallways and looked out the front window to see that my uber was pulling up. i opened the front door and walked out to the car, once i slipped in i sat and thought about what maddie had been telling me.

i thanked my driver before sliding out of the uber and going into the boba place. i waved at wyatt enthusiastically before i went to sit with him.

"hi wy!" i smiled.

"hey Y/N." he smiled back. "where's maddie? she finally stop being friends with you?"

i rolled my eyes "she didn't want to come." wyatt opened his mouth to make a smart remark and i caught him "because of you, not me."

wyatt smiled and snapped his fingers "damn you got me."

i chuckled "yeah well i've always been able to read you like a book."

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