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The boys were already waiting at Changbin's house.

"They're on their way here?" Woojin asked lying on the couch. "I thought Jeongin's sister didn't agree."

Chan put down his phone on the table, "Apparently, Jisung was the one who persuaded her. That guy really has a way with words."

"No!!!!!" Felix screamed out as he sulks on the floor. They were playing some video games. "I was so close to beating you!"

Hyunjin laughed, "Yeah, like 50 times! Face it Felix, you can't beat me."

"Rematch!" Felix announced, ready to push the button.

"Enough!" Minho pushed him towards Hyunjin. "I have been bleeding to death ever since you started this video game war. Now its my turn to watch my movies."

"Hyung, wait! We haven't -" Hyunjin tried to stop Minho but the latter's fingers were too fast.

Felix slowly mutters, "Saved the data, yet."

"Sorry, what was that?" Minho asked, sitting back on the other couch as he holds the remote. "I couldn't hear you since my ears were damaged from your constant screaming."

Woojin laughs at the younger boys, "Are you sure you two don't have any homeworks due tomorrow?"

"We can do it later!" Hyunjin says as he walks towards the fridge. "Lix, do you want some chocolates?"

Felix nods from the floor as he picks up the video games and stores it back in the cabinet.

The door suddenly opens, revealing Jisung, Seungmin, Changbin, Jeongin and Jiyeon.

"Where are we?" Jiyeon asked, walking inside. "It smells like sweat in here."

Changbin rolled his eyes at her, "Then you shouldn't have come."

"Huh, as if I trust you with my brother."

"You don't have to trust him, Noona." Seungmin butts in, as Chan sits down beside him. "But you can trust Chan hyung."

⊱ ━━━━.⋅ εïз ⋅.━━━━ ⊰

"Na na na na na na!" The 8 boys finished performing as Jeongin stands up clapping their hands.

"Wow, hyungs! That was so great!"

Chan nods, "And that empty spot earlier is yours."

Changbin smirked at Jiyeon who was in awe, "Now, you believe me?"

Jiyeon pointed at Chan who was talking to Jeongin, "Them, I believe. You? Not so much."

Hyunjin chuckled beside him, "Noona, 1. Changbin, 0."

"Shut up, llama," Changbin scowled, walking away from the two.

Hyunjin smiled at Jiyeon as Woojin walked towards them, "So, Jiyeon, is everything okay? Or do I need to sign Jeongin's permission slip?"

Jiyeon noticed how Jeongin was having fun with the other members already and it felt like he was at home.

"Maybe... Jiyeon and I need to talk first," Minho interrupts, putting his arm on Jiyeon's shoulders as he gave a wink at her.

"You and I..." She pushed Minho away. "Don't need to talk, oppa." She faced Woojin, "I'll let Jeongin join. He seems happy about this."

Woojin smiled at her, "Thanks, Jiyeon. That means a lot."

"Why are you guys so intent on joining anyway?"

"We're doing it for Chan hyung," Hyunjin explains.

Minho nods as he came back with soda, "He made a deal with his parents. This competition has loads of entertainment companies present."

"If Chan doesn't get scouted, his parents will take him back to Australia." Woojin adds.

Jiyeon frowns, "Does he hate Australia or something?"

"He doesn't. He loves it there but his dream is being an idol, and we want to help him become one."

Hyunjin sent the girl a thumbs up, "That's how much we care for him."

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