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"Hey, what's wrong with you?" Jiyeon asked as she met her brother outside their apartment.

"It's nothing," Jeongin whispered, opening the door.

"It's not nothing, Jeongin," She says, holding the door. "What is it?"

Jeongin shrugs and push pass her, "It's just you know Chan hyung's group right? They kept asking me for a favor and -"

"Chan? That college guy who spends most of his time hanging out with his younger brothers?"

Her brother nods, "You know him?"

"Well, yeah. I saw him once when I was in 7th grade. He visited Changbin."

"Well, anyways. He asked me if I could join his group."

"Is that a frat group?"

"I don't know. He won't say. He just kept messaging me."

Jiyeon took some drinks from the fridge and set it down on the counter table, "Be careful, Jeongin."

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"There she is," Jihoon says, pointing at Jiyeon the next day. She was sitting at the lunch table beside Mark.

"Can't you just like talk to Jeongin? Why do you need to ask her?" Minhyuk asks as he took a big bite of his sandwhich.

Changbin crossed his arms over his chest, "Because Chan hyung ordered me to. Besides, if I don't do this, we'll never join the contest."

Minhyuk chuckled, "That's okay. We'll win it for you."

Jihoon scoffed from his seat, "I don't think so. Compared to your group, my hyungs and I outnumber you."

"Just because you have 10 other members, Jihoon, doesn't mean you'll win!"

"We'll see about that, you piece of rock!"

"Why do I hang out with you two," Changbin stands up, picking his bag as he leaves the two bickering like their usual selves. He found himself walking towards Jiyeon's table.

Mark eyed the boy carefully, "What are you doing here, Seo Changbin?"

The two have some sort of rivalry ever since their music class in 7th grade.

"Zip it, Mark Lee. I came to talk to Jiyeon."

"Sorry, she's not available." Jiyeon answers, her back facing him.

"I'm literally looking at your back."

"Then continue looking. You're just wasting your time."

Changbin rolled his eyes and continued talking, "I just want to talk about Jeongin -"

At the mention of her brother, she turned around, "Right. You're with Chan's group. Well, my answer is no. Jeongin will not and will never join your frat group."

"We're not even a frat group! We just want -"

"That's what they all say," Mark says from the table as he sent a smug look on Changbin.

"Look, first of all -"

Jiyeon nods agreeing with Mark, "I suggest you find a new kid to recruit."

Changbin held his bag strap tighter. He was getting pissed, "Fine. It's Jeongin's loss anyway." He quickly left not even giving them a second look.

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