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"What about this one?" I held the device up for inspection.

Eric grabbed the small box from my hand. "Tear gas. It activates when you pull out the pin and throw it. Kind of like a grenade. Causes temporary blindness and works as a good distraction or delay. It'll sting their eyes like crazy."

He handed the box back to me for inspection. I studied it, taking note of the metal pin on the side. I traced my fingers over it, knowing that with one small movement, the gas could release into the room. "Huh."

I put it back down carefully in the locker and reached my hand in to grab something else out. I felt a small stick object and pulled it out. "Ooh, a pen! Let me guess, when you push it down, it's actually a laser that you can use to burn through surfaces or to harm your enemy!"

"No, it's just an actual pen," Eric informed, taking it from my hand and clicking it down to reveal its ball point. "Microgel, it's actually pretty good," he remarked, clicking it again.


I was glad to know that my locker from my last case had still not been emptied, almost like I'd never left. Eric and I had spent the entire Summer training and he'd taught me as much as he could about combat and how to keep your cover when working on dangerous missions. We had never found the opportunity to look at spy devices due to it all but I was finally getting the chance to have it all explained to me by Eric.

I had spent all my time working on training and not received a mission yet since there was a lot I needed to learn. It was made pretty clear to me by Captain that the work I was about to get into was nothing in comparison to the Kennedy High Mission. It was going to be a whole lot tougher, harder and dangerous.

I still hadn't found a way to break it to my Mom or anyone else about my return to the RUA. I didn't want them to worry or try and stop me. Everyone was under the impression that I was taking drawing classes in the city for the chance to pursue a career in Art which to me, sounded completely stupid but seemed to work. I guess everyone was just trying to be supportive of me as I tried to work out a career path, though I secretly already had one.

"It's getting near four," Eric muttered, placing the pen back into the locker and shutting the door. "We should probably go."

I nodded, feeling relieved at the idea of going home. I was tired from the training we had at midday. Every Thursday at lunch time, agents had combat training that was almost like some sort of boot camp, obstacle course. I'd never even known about it due to being away on the mission at Kennedy High but found out the second I joined the RUA again.

I followed Eric out the door of the locker room and into the main hallway where we stopped.

"Last day of Summer," he pointed out. "Any plans?"

I shrugged. "I was just going to have dinner with my Mom, her boyfriend, and my friends."

"Sounds fun." he commented.

"What about you?" I asked, stretching my aching arms.

He smiled, "I'm stuck here till eight. I need to fill out reports in my office."

"Sounds fun," I mimicked back, earning another smile from him.

"I'll get it done."

When I said goodbye to him, he walked off in the opposite direction to his office as I headed to the main room in the building.

Agents stood around chatting and working away on computers in the same normal way it always had. Except, I got fewer stares from people and actually had met more of them due to training and being at headquarters so often.

I made my way to the elevator, pressing the button as I waited for the doors to open.

"Yo! Becca my girl!"

I turned around to see Cassie waving and walking towards me.

"Hi," I smiled widely.

"You've finished already?" she pouted as she caught up to me.

"Yeah, I'm out." I gestured towards the elevator in front of us.

"We're still on for lunch tomorrow in my office right?" she asked.

I nodded "Yep, I'll see you after I finish up filing reports for the Tenstaky case."

She sighed, "God that shit ended months ago and they still have us filing out reports on it."

I laughed as the elevator doors opened. "Anyway, see you tomorrow,"

"Yep, sounds good," she said, walking away back in the direction of the gym.

"Say bye to Turner for me!" I called out as the doors shut.

The elevator shut off all the office noise as I felt it move up.

Summer was officially over after today. I couldn't believe how many hours I'd put into training whether it was with Eric or other agents when he was away on missions. It always wore me out, but I enjoyed coming to the RUA every day and being able to watch so many amazing things happen and other agents close cases which I helped file reports on. They really were doing some amazing work and it felt great to be apart of that. And to be apart of a team.

As the elevator reached the top floor, the doors opened and I was hit with the familiar stench of 'abandoned factory building'. I stepped out, holding my breath as I made my way to the exit.

With Summer over, it meant the real work was going to start for me. My training was practically over and I'd managed to prove that I was capable of doing many things independently.

I knew I'd receive a mission soon, I just didn't know what it would be. And I worried about how I would break it to everyone. I planned on telling them tonight about how the art thing was a complete lie and had just been a cover for my return to the RUA. I wasn't sure how they would react but I knew I had to get it out before my lies caught up to me like they did last time.

Being an agent wasn't easy. Or at least, being an 'agent-in-training' wasn't.



Guess who's back.

Back again.

Becca's back.

Tell a friend. (Seriously, tell a friend. I need reads.)

HAHAHA Guys, If you've stuck around for the sequel then thank you sooooo much! I'm glad you're back to read on and find out more about this story. It's going to be wild af. I promise you action, drama, romance and maybe even a few laughs along the way. So please take this journey with me, we've got a lot to experience ...

- Dorothy xxxx

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