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"I-I don't really know," Brenna responded in a shaken voice. She looked back down at her hands again, scrunching her eyebrows. "I was getting dressed, and I saw something spark."

Sam nodded in understanding. "Yeah, the outlets do that sometimes," he explained casually, "I'm getting it fixed soon."

"Not the outlets," Brenna corrected. She held her left hand out and wiggled her fingers, a look of concentration on her face. "If I could just....do it again..." she mumbled, "I could show you....."

Natasha frowned gravely; she'd been right. There was something going on with Brenna, and now it was becoming more apparent. What had started as increased energy and physical strength was becoming less natural. She watched with wide eyes as a smooth yellow line of electricity travelled up Brenna's fingers before disappearing.

⇧ Like this but thinner ⇧Just want to give you all an accurate visual representation ♡

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⇧ Like this but thinner ⇧
Just want to give you all an accurate visual representation ♡

Steve and Sam were also struck silent by the sight. Brenna took a deep breath. "See?" She asked.

Sam was the first to speak. "So, another super human," he observed.

Brenna felt her heart drop at his words. Super human. It was something she'd always thought would be cool and fun. But now, actually having these unnatural abilities, it scared her.

With furrowed eyebrows, Natasha approached Brenna and took her left hand. "Didn't you have a cut here?" She asked, poking at Brenna's palm. Where the cut once sliced across it was nothing but skin. It should've taken at least a week to heal, but now there wasn't even a scar.

Brenna nodded, taking another deep breath to stay calm. "I did," she responded shortly.

Sensing Brenna's increasing stress, Steve knelt in front of her and told her with a smile, "hey, don't worry about it, B."

"My hands just glowed with..with..I don't even know what that was," Brenna reminded, her voice becoming panicked.

"I'm no scientist, but it looked like some sort of electrical plasma," Sam pointed out.

Natasha sat back down on her bed as Steve continued to try and comfort Brenna. While she did care about how the younger girl felt, she wasn't sure how to comfort her correctly. So she left that to the empathetic Captain America.

"Hey, you cut your hair," Steve observed with a smile, trying to change the subject. Brenna had, indeed, cut her hair. It now hung just at her shoulders in a half-dry tangle of bleach blonde waves.

"It really got in the way today," Brenna explained, "figured it'd be better not to have to deal with it during another mission."

Steve laughed lightly. "Yeah," he agreed, "well, it looks nice."

Brenna smiled. "Thank you."

But even after Brenna calmed back down she couldn't sleep. Not because of her earlier freakout, but because she wasn't tired. She didn't want to tell anyone before, but she hadn't been sleeping much at all lately; the energy she had was constant and limitless, making sleep a pointless action.

So she stayed awake, laying in the small bed on her back. Brenna lifted her hands in front if her face and played carefully with the yellow plasma. Slowly, she got herself used to it. It was warm and soft, gentle on her skin. But she wondered what would happen if someone else touched it.

Before long, the sun was rising.

• May 30, 2014 •

It was going to be an awful day. No one knew it yet, as Sam drove Steve, Natasha, and Brenna to their next mission. But a storm was coming, and none of them were prepared.

They were on their way to find Jasper Sitwell, a likely member of HYDRA, and interogate him. But Brenna packed a pair of light knives in her belt for just incase. She asked if she could carry a gun, but Steve insisted agaisnt it, since she'd never used ine before. So she was stuck with the much less impressive, three-inch blade pocket knives.

On top of her cropped shirt, she wore a leather jacket of Sam's, though it took some convincing for him to let her wear it. He found it hard to say no after hearing her begging for nearly twenty minutes straight.

Sam parked the car and got out, going a seperate way from Cap, Nat, and Brenna

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Sam parked the car and got out, going a seperate way from Cap, Nat, and Brenna. Those three went to wait on the roof of a nearby building as planned. They climbed up a fire escape and began their wait.

Leaning back against a concrete structure on the roof, Brenna held her hands out in front of her again. She pushed energy to her palms and watched yellow rings of plasma pulse up her fingers. Testing her power, she pushed harder. The pulsing brightened, and it became apparent that the pulsing was matching her heartbeat.

"See?" Steve's voice came from beside her. Brenna stopped using her power and looked to her side. Steve wore a sideways grin as he told her encouragingly, "you're gettin' the hang of it."

Brenna smiled at the praise. Just then, a bald man fell out of the sky right between her and Steve. Brenna looked up and smiled in amusement as Sam landed, his metal wings folding back.

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