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Laura's POV

Yesterday was fun, it was like a date with Skylar I never had. Now, I don't blame her that we didn't have a date, since we are both doctors and it's hard to sit down for a solid couple of hours without being called in. But oh well, at least I get to see her everyday at work.

Anyways, right now, Skylar and I are the only ones home, as the rest of them went to the hospital early. I'm waiting for Skylar to get back upstairs to our room because she forgot to take the car out of the garage. I hear a knock.

"Coming!" I yell, as I rush to the door. I swing the door open and see Skylar.

"Hey babe." She smiles, as we kiss. "You ready?"

"Yeah." I say. "Let's go!"

She laughs as we walk outside and in the car, hand in hand. When we reach the hospital, we walk in, hand in hand. That's when I spot someone wearing a uniform, an army uniform, and I see them being approached by the Chief. The Chief seemed... nervous? I wonder why. I look over at Skylar, who seems to be as confused as I was, maybe even more. But instead, her eyes were focused on the other Attendings who seem to be taking pictures of themself? I am now almost as confused as her, when I look back to the Chief and the mysterious army person, I see them walking towards the Chief's office. I shrug as Skylar pulls me towards the rest of the attengings.

"What are you guys doing?" She asks, raising her beautiful eyebrows.

"Well, we found this new app." Says Cara. "It puts different filters on your face."

"Yeah!" Says Eric. "Look!" He points the camera at us and we see dog ears on us, I stick out my tongue as he takes the picture, making a dog tongue come out of my mouth. He pulls back his phone and shows it to Cara.

"Aww you guys look so cute!" Comments Cara, as she points the camera at us.

"Aww we do!" I say. "What's it called?"

"It's called Snapchat." Says Nathan, as he takes more pictures of himself.

"I'm so getting it." I say, taking my phone out.

"You guys are like a bunch of teenagers." Skylar shakes her head.

"We know." We all nod.

"Anyways." She rolls her eyes. "How's David doing?"

"He's doing great." Says Nathan. "He should be out of bed by tomorrow."

"Good!" Says Skylar. "I miss his weird comments."

"Yeah." The rest of us agree.

We all quit our chatting as everyone else all get different pages. I head to check on the rest of my patients, while I was walking I heard the comm turn on and someone talk over it.

"Dr Gray, please come to the Chief's office." They say. "Dr Gray to the Chief's office."

Skylar? Why would she have to go to the Chief's office? Plus, why would the Chief use the comm, doesn't he usually use pagers or just come to her himself? I'm gonna go and check it out.

I head towards the little 'bridge' that leads to the Chief's office, I see through the glass that the army guy and the Chief are arguing while Skylar is pacing around, holding her head. I see her look through the glass and right into my pupils... she looks like she's going to..cry? What could they be arguing about, is Skylar gonna get replaced?

Skylar's POV

I walk towards the office, as I enter, I see Shawn McRear who is the Secretary of the Department of Defense. What is he doing here? And what do I have to do with it?

"Hello Skylar." He says, I look him in his brown, dull eyes, I try to read them, but nothing, no emotion. "Come and sit down with us."

"Okay..." I say, sitting down with both of them. "So... what am I doing here?"

"As you know... you served two years in the army as a field doctor." He says, pushing his hand through his short brown locks, he hates when he does that, but he does it unconsciously. "But, you came to Rose General hospital for a break after the tragic loss of your best friend and girlfriend."

"Yes, thank you for the story of my life." I say, sitting up. "But I would like to know what you are doing here and what I have to do."

The Chief sighs as Shawn pulls out a document from his backpack or whatever. He hands to me, I look over it and I see the document I signed to go to the army.

"Yes..?" I ask. "Please, use English to answer my question."

"You signed for a four year partnership in the army." He sighs, shoot... "So, by law, I am telling you that you need to come back, as you seem mentally healthier than before."

"Wait..." Says The Chief. "You told me she had an OPTION of going back."

"No." Shawn shakes his head. "I said you have an option of letting me sit down with the both of you, or I can just come knocking on her door."

"Nowhere in that conversation did you say that!" Yells the Chief, jumping out of his seat.

"Yes I did." Shawn yells back, he turns to me. "Now, I would like you to pack up your things." Instead of yelling at him I get up and start thinking about everything, unconsciously pacing.

"Woah!" Says the Chief. "You can't just get your ass INTO MY OFFICE and then tell me that you are going to take my BEST SURGEON for yourself!"

"She signed this document!" He smacks onto the desk. "She must obey the law and serve the amount she has told she will!"


I shut them out as I see Laura looking at us through the glass, I look back at her confused expression with my sad, dull expression. She raises her eyebrow back, I can tell she's asking so many questions in her head, and I would answer them, if I wasn't stuck in this dumb office.

"SKYLAR!" Yells Shawn, getting my attention back into the room. "Get your things, say goodbye, and let's get moving."

"Can I atleast have a day?" I ask, he looks at me and contemplates in his head.

"Fine..." He says. "You have 24 hours to pack up your things, say goodbye, and meet me here, in this office." He grabs his backpack and leaves, slamming the door on his way out.

"I can't believe it..." I say, as I feel the tears coming down my cheeks. I feel the Chief's arms around me, right after he closes the blinds. He must have noticed Laura outside. "I can't believe I h-have to go back..."

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