Party hard

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"So want me to drop you off at your crib so you can change for the party later?" I asked Billie
"Yeah a little bit later though.." she pulls at her phone to check the time

"Damn it's already 3:00" Billie says
"Oh yeah? Damn well what do wanna do I the mean time?" I asked
Billie smiles and shrugs her shoulders
"Aye let's go to the mall" I recommend
"We don't have security with us"
"I'll be your security" I smiled
Billie giggles flirtatiously
"Literally only for a little"
"Aight yay" I chuckle


While we were there, Billie picked up a couple pair of shoes and a few pieces of clothing.
When we got back into the car I realized there were a couple of fans following us which was kinda a problem because they might record us together or even record my license plate, so we got out and greeted them.

"Billie is that your boyfriend?" A young girl asked jokingly
"N-nah this is que he's my really good friend though" Billie replied stuttering
"Oh okay well can I get a picture with you?"
The girl asked
"Of course love" Billie says so softly

I took the picture for the young girl and she hugged Billie and then she left with her little friends
Me and Billie sat back in my car

"It's so weird Que"
"What?" I said looking at her
"I can't go out places like I used to be able to"
"But I mean I wanted this so bad"
I looked at Billie and grabbed her head and kissed her forehead

"Mamas you a strong ass bitch ya heard" I said as I turn on the car
"And enjoy it now mamas cause you big now just wait till you drop your album I already know shits gin make you BLOW BABY!"
"Anyways mama what time is it?"

"It's 4:06" Billie looks at my lips and bites hers
"Okay mama lets go to your house you get changed and then we finna go six flags with prince, Gawa, Nikita and the twins and then we finna go to a party is that cool?" I smile at her ass biting her lip
"Yeah that sounds good" Billie smiles

After Billie got changed We met up with the rest of the squad at six flags

"Wagwan Que" prince says leaving in to dap me
"You gotta tell me how y'all made up" prince whispered in my ear as I pull away I smiled with a funny ass look on my face
Prince then goes to greet Billie
"Hey man... sorry about-" I cut Gawa off
"You know what it's all good and it's great to see you"
"QUE!" I hear my name being called in the distance

I look at the line and realized it was issac yelling
"OH TRUE!" I yelled back
Billie looked at me slightly pissed off but I did tell her they were coming

Billie grabs my arm and I look down at her small ass and smile we all walked over to the line to get into the actual park. About 15 minutes of standing in the line we get in and decided to go onto this big ass rollercoaster. We hoped on and Elijah ended up sitting by himself.

Me and Billie say at the very front even though she didn't want to we sat there
"I'm actually scared look at how tall that fucker is" Billie said
"Haha it's okay mamas it's gin be fun you heard" I grab onto her thigh
Billie licks her lips while looking into my eyes

"Keep your hands in the coaster at all times and enjoy your ride!" The operator announced on the overcome
"Yuuuuhhhh" prince screams as we start moving around the track I look at Billie as my hand is still gripping her thigh and moved my hand up her leg slowly

The coaster starts to go the track
"Mmm" Billie says as I tease her
"OH MY GOD!" Elijah yells
I kissed my teeth cause they ruined the mood so I moved my hand but I laughed after cause it was funny

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