Chapter 17-Poor Farmer's Dream

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"I don't remember there being so many flat screens in here!" I say loudly over the music.

Tom digs into his mash potatoes while I discretely cut up my rare steak in tiny bits and pieces for the Jax and Willow. Stella was right about the meat. It's pretty raw with blood still dripping from it.

"That's cause it's been a decade since you stepped foot in here," Colin laughs heartily through a mouthful of corn. "I think they made great renovations. We ought to come here another time Stella. I want to ride the mechanical bull!"

"While drunk? You'll be lucky if you can crawl up on it." Stella snorts.

Colin takes another swig of his beer. "Did any of y'all catch on to what the desserts were for tonight?

"No," Stella and I say at the same time.

Tom hands Colin the small drink menu next to him. "It's on the back," he says.

"Sweet, thanks."

Colin bursts out laughing and nearly spills his drink. "Turtle cake? Been a while since I ate cooked turtle. My granny used to make some soup out of that stuff."

Tom reaches across the table and playfully slaps Colin's shoulder, "That sounds exquisite!"

"Hey, this shirt is worth more than your salary. Don't need your ketchup hands on it."

"Really? It looks someone threw up on it. I'd say you got it from a consignment store because there is no way I bought that for you."

Colin makes a face at Stella. "You always complain about my style."

"I do not! I just find it fun to call you out on such a ridiculous claim."

"Well, you're right. I bought it for three dollars."

He bites his tongue while sticking his hand down his shirt as if searching for something. He plucks a greasy, or sweaty, green circular sticker out with a three marked in pen on it.

He holds it out in front of Stella and she swats his hand away, "Ew! You were just keeping that in your shirt all day? Why?"

"I didn't mean to, but I felt something scratching my bellybutton."

"Dude, you need help! You're so weird." Tom laughs along with Colin.

It's so crowded in here tonight that their laughter doesn't draw any attention. I start to get a headache though from the drunk table behind us screaming at the game on one of the TVs. The bar in the middle of the restaurant is completely packed and they have a band playing tonight too.

"I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be back, can you keep an eye on them?" I ask Stella.

She nods her head watching the vamp babies. Colin and Tom had gotten up to go talk to someone from work over by the bar.

I make my way through the loud tables and eventually end up in the back. I walk around a wall where the food runners are running back and forth from the kitchen and into the restaurant. The bathroom door is closed and when I knock on it I find it occupied.

"Sorry!" I apologize while stepping back and waiting for my turn.

I look around aimlessly while waiting for the bathroom to free up. At one of the tables nearby there's a few policemen. I raise my eyebrows in surprise seeing the governor of Alabama sitting around them at the head of the table and his dark beady eyes are right on me.

My heart pounds heavily, but our eye contact doesn't last long because a waiter steps out in front of me cutting off my view of their table. What's the governor doing down here still? I look a the bathroom hoping whoever's inside will hurry up. When I look back at the table the governor's seat is vacant.

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