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"Hey Bully!!" A tiny girl ran to Bully. Her silver eyes shine with the sun, the girl was well-known at daycare for her beautiful eyes and her cheerful personality. Bully on the other hand..had a sour attitude. Even though he was older and needed to show an example to the kids he always was mean..but for the little girl..it was an acception...most of the times. "Ugh. What the hell do you want?!" The sour boy growled and looked at her. The girl smiled and handed him a flowercrown, "For you!!" She giggled and put it on. Bully blushed and crossed his arms, "T..Thanks Wolfie..." He mumbled. Wolfie hugged him, Baldi saw Wolfie and Bully. He gasped and ran to to them and picked up Wolfie as he smothered Wolfie with a bunch of kisses and Wolfie laughed happily. "Mmm..how is my favorite niece doing?" He asked and Wolfie and Wolfie gave a thumbs up "Mm...you have beautiful eyes! It'd be a shame that you had to hide it!" He moved Wolfie's hair away from her eyes. Wolfie eyes were truly beautiful and stunning

But those silver eyes..will soon turn into Crimson...black burden eyes...anyone who saw it never wanted to be near her..called her a disease...a disgrace.

Her father especially...


Blue seemed strange today..her behavior seemed unusual. I knew what happened because I listened into the conversation secretly..


'Dad...I don't know..is he the one?'

'But he's really good at math and all. Maybe dear..'

'Thats because I tutor him! But seriously..I never felt this type of feeling..but i'm with Art's & Craft's!!" S

'Well thats my daughter...your so smart! Your just like me when I fell in love with your pops you know? And do what your heart says...I'm sure he won't be upset..'

'Jeez dad..But I'm just scared...'

'What if I'm not ready?'


I knocked on the door. I sometimes get jealous of her because she gets all the love and everyone knows her..I never got what she got. Blue opened the door and gave me a soft smile "Hey Wolfie! I promsie to tell you everything!" She said and I went in, "Yay!!" I giggled and jump onto her soft bed as it bounced back onto my body happily and I flew up into the air happily and laughed it was fun until a bit my head on the hardwood drawer. There was a big bang and I was rubbing my head and Blue came to me,"Are you okay?!" She asked worriedly and Bruler came in, "I heard a thud-" he saw me on the floor and rubbing my head in pain as he ran to me and held me worriedly as if I were about to die, "Wolfie!!" He frowned and I smiled and giggled, "I'm fine silly!" I said and got up and say onto the bed again. Blue sighed as she looked at Bruler, "Bruler..you can go now.." She said and Bruler nods as he left and closed the door softly. "Are you okay?" Blue asked softly, "Yeah!!" I smiled, "I wanna know tell me!!" I asked excitedly and acted like my injury was nothing.

"Alright..So Sweeper asked me out.."

"Oh...I thought..."

"N-No no Wolfie! It's not that! I have no idea if I should date him...I said yes out of stress!"


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