Daniel // Dont go

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Your POV:
"Baby please don't go." I asked as I was sat on our bed watching Daniel pack his things. "You know I have to." He said placing whatever he had in his hand into the suitcase. I sighed. I'm going to miss Daniel so so much when he's gone. He's only going for a few days which is only a little amount but I'm still upset he's going.

Daniel zipped up his suitcase and then walked over to me. "I've got an hour to spend with you till I have to leave." He said looking at the ground. I smiled weakly. I didn't say anything as I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. Daniel places his arms around me too pulling me into his lap with my legs wrapped around his waist. We stayed like this for a while.

Daniel is going back to his home town for a few days which is understandable. He invited me to join him but unfortunately I couldn't go due to reasons with work and others things too. "I'm going to miss you babe, even though I'm only going to be gone a few days." Daniel said making me tear up a little. I quickly wiped my eyes before facing him. He placed his hands on my cheeks and leaned in so his lips were touching mine. We shared this moment before Daniel's phone went off.

An hour went by fast. Too fast. Daniel grabbed his suitcase and took my hand as we both made our way to the front door. Just as Daniel put his hand on the door handle I pulled him back and pressed my lips to his. "Have fun babe. I love you." I said as he walked out of the house. I stood in the door frame and watched him go to his car. Daniel stopped and came back over giving me a big hug/ kiss. "I'll see you soon baby. Stay strong." He said kissing me one last time. I waved him goodbye as he got into the car and drove off. I'm going to miss him so much.

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