" new enemies "

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A new year, a new beginning. Junior year was now in the past, and it was the beginning of Senior year. My last year of high school and I couldn't be more excited. Zoey and I were still going strong and everyone knew it. Not one girl tried even looking in his direction because they all knew he was off limits. I guess you could say his ways had rubbed off on me. And my ways had rubbed of on him too, he knew how to handle situations with a more calm attitude, while I was the hothead. I fixed my flower headband and ran my fingers through my now copper colored hair. I hurriedly placed on my earrings and looked at myself in the mirror. I straightened my black skirt before slinging my book-bag over my shoulder and grabbed my purse, pulling out my car keys.

Sarah came skipping out of her room with her book-bag, ready for me to take her to school. I ruffled her hair and we both headed out the house, saying goodbye to Regina and daddy. I unlocked the doors to the Jeep and placed my things in the backseat. While driving to her school, we sung along loudly to the songs playing on the radio. A year had passed and our relationship hadn't changed, but only grew stronger. Her and Zoey's relationship just made everything ten times better. They were so close and it was the cutest thing ever. I pulled the car into the parking lot of her school and she hopped out, kissing my cheek and running to catch up with some of her friends. I made sure she was inside before pulling off and going to school.

The student parking lot was filled with a bunch of kids, either making out, arguing, or just talking. I stepped out of the car and immediately spotted my boyfriend leaning against his car. My heels clicked against the hot cement as I treaded over to him. When I reached the car, he looked up at me, biting his lip. He immediately pulled me into his lap, kissing me, earning hoots and hollers from his immature friends. After a few seconds of making out, he pulled his lips away, kissing my forehead.

"Missed me huh?" I giggled, chewing on my bottom lip.

"Hell yeah." He lowly chuckled. "I saw you last night but, I just can't get enough of that gorgeous face."

"You're too sweet." I laughed, hopping off his lap.

"Now what I tell you about wearing short shit like this?" He grumbled, tugging on the end of my skirt and then squeezing my butt. "This ass is all mine, and I don't appreciate you flaunting it around like that, having niggas looking at you all crazy."

"They can look, but they're definitely not touching baby." I rolled my eyes. "And it's this big because of you." I said in a low tone where only he could hear.

Honestly, Zoey and I had been having sex like crazy. Every other night almost. Protected sometimes but usually not. Birth control has literally been my main priority for almost a year now. Zoey and I talked about kids and if we wanted them and, the conversations always ends up leading to an argument. Zoey does, but now, I don't want any at all. Kids are a huge burden and responsibility. Yeah, they're cute and all but, they're hard work. I want to jumpstart my modeling career with the help of Regina but a baby would totally slow me down.

The bell rung and Zoey and I walked into the school, hand in hand. He gave me a quick kiss before going into his homeroom. I went into mine, greeted by a new bestfriend, Breaunna. Her cute cat ear headband made her even more adorable. I giggled at her exciting face for seeing me and then hugged her before taking my seat.

"I really missed you Vannah!" She squealed. "My mom keeps talking about how you need to come back over and make that lasagna."

"Wow." I laughed. "Tell her I'll be over tomorrow night."

"Where's your knight in shining armor?" She winked, propping her head up on her hands.

"In his homeroom Bre." I playfully rolled my eyes. "You're forever asking me about Zoey like y'all aren't friends too."

"Y'all are just so damn cute." She giggled. "But, did you hear about the new girl we're getting today?"

"Nun-uh." I sat up some. "I haven't heard anything about that."

"Well, apparently she knows Zoey." She said. "Her names Keira or something like that. Word is her and Zoey used to be a thing back in Freshman year. And, she said she doesn't care if he's with someone, she's coming back to get him."

This news, was more than irritating. Another girl wanting the boy I had worked so hard to perfect our relationship and had grown so close to. Zoey is a good boyfriend but, I know how temptation gets to people. I've seen it within my own family. I'm not gonna have something I've worked on for a year be taken away easily. Whoever Keira was, was definitely gonna have to put up a strong fight for mine.

The bell rung and I went on to first period. I walked into my Biology class. Zoey was clowning around in the back with his friends, throwing paper and such. I cleared my throat and he immediately told his friends bye and came to sit next to me. I was extremely worried now. My relationship could possibly be ready to end in shambles because of this new girl. I laid on his shoulder and tightly held his hand under the desk. He looked down at me with a worried expression and ran his fingers through my hair.

"What's wrong babygirl?" He whispered in my ear, rubbing my thigh. "And don't say nothing because I know something's wrong. We've been with together for a year, I can tell when something ain't right. You start biting your bottom lip, you shake your leg, and you squeeze my damn hand."

"Okay, okay." I sighed. "Bre told me that your ex is back.. and she's planning on taking you away from me."

"Savannah don't believe that shit." He scoffed. "Ion want Keira, why would I? I done built a relationship with you and I'm not gonna throw that all away for that hoe Keira. I love you, and only you Savannah."

"I know Zoey but, I can't help but worry." I looked down sadly.

"Don't baby." He kissed my forehead.

I nodded and rested my head against his shoulder once more, but this time I was more comfortable. Zoey's words made me feel more secure with my relationship. The late bell finally rung and the teacher stood up from her desk. She went to the board and just started writing things. In the middle of her beginning to talk, the brown wooden door creaked open. Everyone's eyes turned to the door, and my cheeks began to turn red from anger at the sight.

It was Keira. She wore a white crop top, high waisted shorts, and a pair of dark colored moccasin boots. Her lips were coated with a dark lipstick and her braids were pulled into a ponytail. I couldn't deny the fact she was pretty. I looked up at Zoey and he was already looking down at me. He mouthed the words "don't worry about it" to me and I nodded. I went back to taking notes on the chapter.

"Okay class, this our new student, Keira Lawson. She transferred all the way from New York. Keira your seat is right behind Zoey and Savannah."

I rolled my eyes and huffed while writing. Zoey squeezed my thigh and I looked up, and he gave me a stern look. Keira treaded up the aisle, boys shouting ridiculous things and the girls whispered. Keira blew a bubble with her gum and popped it, waving at Zoey as she passed. He simply nodded his head and went back to listening to the teacher. I turned around and Keira smirked at me then pulled out her binder. My blood was boiling. I wanted nothing more but to snatch one of her braids out of her fucking head.

Zoey was mine. Nobody else's. And because of that, I don't mind fighting for what's rightfully mine...

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