Part 14 : the disguise

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That is until Cray noticed a stand next to the door of the turf war building and stopped in his tracks.

"What's that stand doing there?" Cray pointed towards the stand.

Kate and the others stopped in their tracks too and were surprised it was even there, let alone how did they not notice it before...

A jellyfish was running it and below the stand was a sign which had the words 'tournament sign up'.

"Oh look, it's the sign up stand for the splat-tournament" Octillina said.

"I think we should sign up first before we train, Fin" Kate replied "it's best to get a place already".

"Aww..." Fin returned with an aw.

The group then approached the stand where the jellyfish had a clipboard and a fountain pen...

"Hello there Umm, me and my friends want to compete in the splat-tournament please" Kate shyly asked.

"Sure thing..." the jellyfish replied until they had realised one of these things is not like the other "wait a sec, is that the human?".

"Umm... yeah..." Cray replied.


"Is there a problem?" Kate asked.

"You know he's not a cephalopod, right..." the jellyfish stated "you need to be a cephalopod to do turf wars...".

"He can, we've been practicing with him" Octillina replied.

"Even then, he'd be breaking a lot of rules by walking there which is not how the tournament does it" the jellyfish snapped back.

"B-b-but Sheldon said we were able to let him in?!" Kate said.

"Then I guess he just wanted you to buy a weapon then" the jellyfish replied.

"There's gotta be some mistake!" Kate replied "can't you double check?".

"I can..." the jellyfish replied before grabbing their phone next to them and started to ring it "yeah umm Splat-tournament Guys. These people have brought their human friend for the team...... yes....... hmmm.... I see....".

The jellyfish then put their phone down, breaking the suspense...


"As I'd like to let you in... Sadly the human can't" the jellyfish replied.

"WHAT?!" Kate and the rest Shouted.

"B-b-but the tournament, please" Kate began to become upset.

"Sorry gal, rules are rules" the jellyfish replied.

"I thought this was gonna work..." said Fin.

"Well not this time pal, I'm not fooled so easily" the jellyfish said "you can still join but not with the human, but don't try to trick him in... I'm not that dumb anymore...".

Before they could continue, a huge queue began to build up behind them so they were moved out of the way...

They couldn't find any words to describe how they felt right now, they were very upset, especially Kate.

"Well that's a bummer..." Fin said.

"I guess we can't go in the splat-tournament" Octillina sighed.

"Not with me at least" Cray added.

A moment passed...

"No..." Kate said.

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