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"i could listen to her talk for hours" valerie said to sophie resting her chin on her hand looking at annabelle. "why?" sophie questioned "she sounds hot" valerie chuckled looking at sophie "can you quit being a whore for two seconds?" sophie questioned looking amused at the girl. valerie laughed putting her hands around her mouth as she got ready to yell. "i'm a whore!" annabelle and cillian broke out into laughter as they were filming their scene together.

"you really know how to ruin the moment huh" finn laughed as he sat next to sophie and valerie. "oh just you wait" she smirked "why?" finn asked confused "got the script for next week" she replied "what happens?" he questioned further. valerie laughed at his eagerness. "we kiss" she whispered "we do?" he asked with a whisper. "yeah" she whispered once more. "why are we whispering?" sophie asked. "top secret can't tell ya" valerie replied smirking at her. "fuck off" sophie laughed shaking her head.

"do you have the script on you?" finn asked. valerie nodded reaching in her bag before pulling out the script and handing it to him. finn thanked her before reading it. "huh well that's interesting" he chuckled. "isn't it" she laughed putting the script back. "are we supposed to practice?" he questioned "what right now?" she looked at him. "no no not right now...unless you want to?" he replied looking back at her. "no another time" she answered looking forward.

"alright i'll see you later then" he smirked getting off his chair as he was called to set. "god valerie that was so awkward" sophie threw her head back in laughter. "unless you want to" sophie mocked laughing more. "shut up he wasn't prepared for it" valerie defended with a blush. "aww is someone blushing?" sophie asked pinching valerie's cheeks. "fuck off" valerie laughed slapping sophie's hands away.

"alright i best be going anyway" sophie got off her chair before saying her goodbyes to valerie. valerie soon got off her chair to go watch finn and helens scene together. "kissing scene huh?" joe smirked walking up to valerie. "yeah why you jealous?" valerie asked looking at him. "yeah come here" he replied making kissy noises. valerie laughed putting her hand on his lips. joe chuckled kissing her hand "you're so stupid" she laughed once more shaking her head. "eh whatcha gonna do about it?" he questioned amused. valerie just shrugged before they got shushed.

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