Let's make a baby, or at least give it hell trying

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I sat, next to Chris, in the huge cushioned chairs of my doctor's private office waiting for him to come in to talk with us. I tugged at the strap of my purse, nervously tapping my leg up and down.

I looked over at Chris who smiled and winked at me before taking my hand in his lacing our fingers together.

"I apologize for running behind." Dr. Turner, my ob-gyn walked in shutting the door behind him.

Chris stood up to shake his hand and I did the same.

"Sit, sit." He waved to us as he made his way around the huge oak desk sitting down in his own plush chair. He grabbed a file from his desk and pulled it open.

"How have things been?" He looked up at me with a kind smile.

"OK." I shrugged.

Dr. Turner nodded reading over my file, "I understand you have some questions about trying to conceive again."

Chris looked at me. I swallowed nervously, "Yeah. I guess...um..." I looked down.

"We just want to know what the odds of her miscarrying again are." Chris said bluntly.

"Well." Dr. Turner took his glasses off and leaned back in his chair, "Any pregnancy has a risk of miscarriage. Breelan you do have the condition of the incompetent cervix. Though there are ways we can monitor the pregnancy."

"So you think it's possible to carry a baby full term?" My voice cracked a little.

"I do." He nodded.

Chris smiled and exhaled a sigh of relief squeezing my leg gently.

"So if you decide you want to try again I will refer you to a high risk pregnancy doctor, Dr. Davis is a fantastic doctor. She truly is the best at what she does. We can set up an appointment for you to go in and speak with her. I think you will really like her."

"Ok." Chris nodded.

I was a little more hesitant.

Chris looked at me expectantly.

"Ok." I finally agreed. "Let's set that up."

A couple days later we met with Dr. Davis and Dr. Turner was right I really did like her. She answered all our questions and made me feel as comfortable as I was sure I could get moving forward. After our meeting with Dr. Davis we were driving to the Moon to have an early dinner.

"I stopped my birth control." I said as I looked out the window.

"You did?" Chris looked at me.

I nodded.


"A week ago." I admitted.

"Really?" He smiled obviously surprised. "I thought you were going to wait until after today's appointment."

I shrugged. "Well after talking to Dr. Turner I felt better. I just figured after meeting with Dr. Davis I would feel much better. And I do."

"So we're going to do this." He adjusted his baseball hat.

"I think so."

We got to the Moon and grabbed a table. We were both in a happy mood with the positive news from the doctors. I mean we of course still had a long road ahead of us but I finally felt some peace that I had been so desperately desiring.

"I wanted to talk to you about something." Chris shoved a french fry in his mouth.

"Ok." I eyed him taking a long drink of my soda.

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