Part 1

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Now, we all love our families, don't we?

But, Indian families... are something, really diversed.

Let me give you a scenario as example.

Son: Mum, I'm hungry, can I get some food?

Mother: *Sitting in front of a small altar with small earthen statues of gods and moving a dish filled with flowers in circular motion in front of it* *muttering prayers*

Son: Mummmm *whines*

-An hour later-

Mother: Now, never disturb me when I'm praying, what is it? *turns around and freeze*

Son:*fainted in hunger*

As you guys can see here, people value earthen statues more than any other stuff. Another scenario:

Daughter:*hiding, shaking in fear*

Mother: found you~ *an condescending look* you must wear this black naqab before you go out you thankless useless daughter.

Daughter: But it makes me really hot and comfortable!

Mother:*forces daughter into it*

A naqab, is a type of clothing that is black in colour, goes down your entire body from your head. It's like a skirt starting from your head, and it's usually synthetic fibre. It covers the face, sometime the entirety of it, sometimes the lower half, or sometimes spares the face, but everyone, it covers the whole body.

Anyways, as you can see, parents put other things over their own children, and of course, then comes the abuse.

In any other country, abuse, by teachers and parents is banned, but in India.....

Dad:*slaps son*



Dad and Mom:*slap daughter*

Daughter:*cries but deals with it anyways*

Abuse sucks, and the reasons moreso but I will finish my rant here, and leave the reasons for abuse for the next chapter.

Random question, do you read manga? Or watch anime?

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