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Grayson and I spent the rest of the day in the Orphanage with the kids before heading home for dinner. I played dress up with the little girls and watched movies with the teenage girls them played Xbox with the boys. All in all it was a fun day.

Linda and Finn where excited about the adoption but where sad that they had to leave their friends behind. We went ahead with the adoption processes that is signing the papers and blood exchange. Finn handled it fine when he was cut but I quickly healed the wound since he didn't have a wolf yet. But I had to distract Linda so she wouldn't notice when they were cutting her palm then quickly healed the wound when they were done. They were officially adopted and now the kids of the Beta of Redclaw pack.

"So, where did both of you run of to today?" My dad asked squinting his eyes at Grayson and I.

"We were doing what mates do dad." I said rolling my eyes as his own eyes widened.

Before he could say anything, my mom glared at him daring him to speak which made him sigh "Just don't get pregnant." He said making my moms glare intensify.

"What do you mean don't get pregnant? Don't you want her to have my grandkids? If you don't want then too bad cause I want a lot."

"Honey I'm only saying because we have a war ahead, we don't want any complications." My dad said trying to calm her down.

"I can always made a barrier make a barrier around my child to avoid anything." I said as focused on my food.

I noticed the table went silent so I looked up and saw everyone looking at me suggestively Mom and Sarah looking excited.

"Babe is there something we should know?" Grayson asked.

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused as to why they were staring at me like that.

'They think you are pregnant because of what you said.' Dian said in my head making Mystic laugh and me chock on my food.

"Nice to hear from you, where is Phoe?" I asked. After the incident with the Rogue Alpha, Mystic and Phoenix decided to to on a trip. Since they are spirit creatures, I guess they could leave and return anytime they want which I find weird.

"It's good to be back babe." Phoenix said making me roll my eyes.

"I am not pregnant guys, I only said if I was, I can always make a barrier to protect them."

"Oohhhh, That was close." Drew said. I noticed Gray felt sad a bit so I squeezed his hand that was on my lap.

'It's okay babe, we can always have kids whenever you want, as much as you want.' I said as I smiled at him.

He kissed my lips then pulled back 'It's fine, your dad is right. We don't want to have kids in this disaster coming.'

Though he tried to sound happy but I know he really wants us to have our own child. I don't think it's too early but I also want to start a family but only after the war. I saw the way he was with the kids at the Orphanage today and I know he will make a good father.

We finished dinner then went to the living room to hang out before going to bed.

"So what movie are we watching tonight?" Derrick asked as he and Victoria placed several bowls of popcorn, candy, drinks and other eatable stuffs on the table.

"Do you mean movies? Cause one movie isn't going to count." Sarah said.

"Don't you have to be in bed? Cause I know Avery Jnr is going to keep you up all night." Anthony said to his mom raising a brow. Their baby was named after me, cool right and guess what, I was supposed to be her Godmother but since my mom is both Lawrence and Anthony's Godmother, they decided to name her after me instead. So we call her Avery Jnr or just AJR for short.

"AJR won't be waking anytime soon, now lemme alone kid." Sarah sassed.

"Let's watch Smurf's."

I looked at Shawn who seemed to be dozing off already. That boy can't stay awake for too long.

"Since that was the only suggestion made, Smurf's it is." My dad said before picking Smurf's.

Let's just say we watched a total of 5 movies before we all went to bed finally.

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