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"So tell me Ruth, how are things with the kids?" I asked as I searched her fridge for a gummy worm. She keeps the treats for the kids and I'm technically still a kid so why not.

"The kids are wonderful your highness, they don't cause any trouble." She replied making me roll my eyes.

"Ruth Ruth Ruth, I've told you to call me Dawn. Your highness makes me feel old and you know I am far from old and if you prefer you can call me Avery." I said making her chuckle.

"Avery it is then. So as for the kids, some individuals came wanting to adopt Linda and Finn as theirs, they didn't want to separate the siblings so they want the two of them." She said handing me a file.

"And what do you think about them?" I asked as I went through the file she gave me about the couple who wanted the kids. It says here that they are from a different pack, one of the visiting pack. Another interesting thing is that they are the Beta couple of Redclaw pack and the wife isn't able to conceive.

"Well I think we should let them, I wanted you to have an interview with them first so you can decide. They should be here any moment." Ruth said. As if on cue, there was a knock on the door.

The door opened and a couple came in "Hello Ruth, Your Highness." They both greeted with smiles. Ruth smiled back but I groaned.

"Please call me Dawn, your highness is meant for my Mom." I said.

"But your are future queen and is still crowned princess." The female said.

I shrugged "It doesn't matter, I might be the future queen but I am Still Luna of Moonstone pack so just chill with the formalities." I told them and they nodded. "Great, now I hear you want to adopt two kids? Why didn't you just adopt back at your pack?" I asked.

"Well the kids in our pack's orphanage are all above 10 but we need someone smaller, we want to train her from while she is still little since we can't have our own child, we want a baby to take care of." The beta explained making me nod.

"I hear about Linda still a baby but her brother is above 10, what will you do about him?" I asked.

"Oh well we would never separate siblings from each other so we decided why not have two kids instead of one and Finn has strong potential, I am willing to make him mine and make him my heir to take over my position one day." The beta explained again making me nod in approval.

"Well that's fair enough. But how am I sure you won't abandon both kids if you suddenly have your own child?" I asked as I squinted my eyes at them. Those kids have been through some shit and I am not ready for them to go through that again.

The Beta female gasped "We would never, we fell in love with Linda the moment we saw her, even more so her brother is a very lovely kid. Even though we have our own child, that wouldn't stop us from taking care of the both of them." She said.

I sat there quietly as I watched them. To them it might seem like I was just thinking but in reality I was reading their minds. They both genuinely cared for both kids but still wished to have their own and make their big happy family. The thought of that made me smile.

"Alright, I approve your adoption of both Finn and Linda, while your are here, spend some time with them so they can get used to the idea of having parents again. I will have someone check in on them once a month for six months to see how they are faring is that ok with you?" I asked the couple who already had tears of joys coming out of their eyes.

"That is more than enough you majesty, it means a lot to us." The Beta beamed. I decided not to ruin the happy moment by correcting him about the name.

"Well we will let you know once the transfer documents is ready, and adopting as you know has two procedures, just let me know when you want it done." I said.

"We would like to spend sometime with both kids to tell them the good news then we will come to you." The Beta female said and I nodded and left the office not before taking about pack of gummy worm earning a mock scolding from Ruth.

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