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Billgreen arrived at the castle on Eole's back, Eole was the most beautiful bird of prey he had ever seen ! But there was no time to waste, every minute he spent talking was dangerous for the king's health...

" Here we are ! On you go, Eole, fly back to Arowana and tell everybody that I thank them all for their help. Good bye ! Thanks for taking me here. "

Billgreen strongly knocked at the door of the castle and stepped in. He went to the king's bedroom, took both parts of the statue, said the magic words and put the statue together again. It sent forth a sweet light which gradually lit up the whole castle.

The king was amazed by the sweetness of the light coming from the statue and suddenly felt better. Vigorously, he stood up and said :

" This is the light ! I feel better ! A lot better ! I feel as strong as I used to be before the spell ! "

He put on his crown, looked at Billgreen :

" Thank you so much... er ! ... Billgreen ! He added. Whatever you ask for will be granted to you.

- What I want most is to live in peace with your court and your people, forever...

- I'll see to that, as I always did before... Anything else ?

- I do need a little help to build my new house. Could you possibly send me some of your men...

- No problem ! I'll tell the best workers in Sylvestra to help you ! And... Thanks again dear Billgreen, I won't forget you, you are a treasure in this world.

- I don't believe I have been so indispensable you know, I've had a lot of help...

- Don't be so modest, Billgreen although it's a great and rare quality nowadays ! I hope I'll see you again before long. But... I suppose you've got more interesting things to do than stay here listening to me.

- Your majesty, you sure are a good king, it's a great ans rare quality nowadays !

- Ha ! Ha ! Off you go my dear friend, I won't keep you here any longer.

- Don't worry, your majesty, I'll be back soon !

- So I hope ! "

The dwarf or let's rather say Billgreen, knew what he was talking about...
He knew he would be back someday...
But when ? Wait and see !

 But when ? Wait and see !

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To be continued...

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