Chapter IV : The final confrontation

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Patting a snake on his shoulder, Scorpus started to examine Billgreen with a questioning look :

" So, you, dwarf, how did you manage to come here ? You're so small, it's really amazing. Can you by any chance manage to become invisible ? Can you be quick enough to avoid all the obstacles that I, myself, set in the tunnel ? He asked.

- My name is Billgreen and I have come to ask you, please, to repeal the evil spell a sorcerer cast over the king of Sylvestra. I heard that the man who lives here is very good at that; so I said to myself : Billgreen, you must go and meet this nice man and question him. Are you this man ? The dwarf lied.

- You are lying !!! You little dwarf, I know it, you have come to combat me and even to kill me as you thought you had killed my apprentice Vircis... In fact, what you did has made us closer to eachother.

- What do you mean ?

- Never mind what I mean ! I won't talk to liars ! Moreover, you are not very clever... I know you, I've heard of you. You live in the forest surrounding Sylvestra, the kingdom from which I was banished by this king you want to protect from this spell.

- You put the spell on the wrong person. The king who banished you died a long time ago and it is his son who is suffering because of you.

- I don't give a damn ! Scorpus yelled. One of them must pay for that whether it is the father or the son. I am allowed to do anything I want my territories I won't permit anybody to interfere with me. I will take my revenge whatever happens. He will die slowly so that he will suffer ten times more than I do. And now is the beginning. Have a look in my pocket : this is the statue of this bogus king.... I'm going to use a poker to revive his memory, I'll put it on his crown. There you are ! Now he won't be able to put it on anymore because it will burn him every time he tries to. I will take his throne, I will take his army and I will become the master of the universe...

- Scorpus ! You must be joking. You can't even tidy your house and you claim you will do it somewhere else ! If ever you access to the throne, it won't last long, for you are not wise enough to be a monarch.

- My reign will be as I decide it to be, and all resistance will be crushed.

- Considering how dirty your small house is, a huge castle would be worse. Your thirst for power will soon change a happy kingdom into a desert...

- You'll never see that, for I'll kill you before !

- How strong you are in front of a powerless person but I know for sure that you would behave like a coward if you had to face anybody who could resist you.

- Even if I set you free, there wouldn't be any chance for you against my power. So, what a waste of time ! Unless, you prefer to be my guinea-pig... What's happening ? Why is it getting so dark ? »

From where Billgreen stood, he glanced through the open window and saw some luminous bodies gathering round the house.

They, then took on their true appearance and magicians and fairies used their magic wands and their power to collect stones in order to build a wall around the place, a wall so thick that the sun couldn't get through anymore.

Scorpus who was afraid of the dark, made up a fireball, threw it into the wall where it exploded creating a large opening which was immediately filled up by the magicians and fairies.

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