Chapter I : A dreadful spell

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Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Sylvestra, at a time when men still knew how to speak to elves and fairies, there was a nice little dwarf whose name was Billgreen.

He lived alone in the middle of a huge forest and eternal living trees. He lived alone but had lots of visitors for he was such a kind magician... Animals foresters, peasants, children around, all came to him to deal with all kinds of problems, health problems too and more particularly to chat with him and have a good time.

One day, what a surprise ! As he was opening the shutters of his small thatched-roofed cottage, he caught sight of a very strangely dressed fellow, escorted by a company of people.

The fellow came close to his door and blew a horn to call Billgreen. Amazed, he opened the door and let them in.

Unfortunately, his house was too small and they all had to get out. The king's messenger, for that's what he was, dressed in his red uniform, the very image of a royal messenger, started to explain the king's invitation to all magicians, fairies, healers and sorcerers of the kingdom.

Billgreen, astounded, was wondering why this good fellow had come to his place to declaim a message which did not concern him at all. What he Billgreen, liked above all was living a quiet life amongst his friends. But now he had a peculiar feeling. What could it be ?

Being rather nosy, he decided to honour the king's invitation.

That very day, he called on the king's palace and together with the other magicians he was led to the king who strangely enough welcomed them into his bedroom. The poor king was so weak that he couldn't even stand up.

    After a quick examination, all the magicians agreed : the king was the victim of an evil spell

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After a quick examination, all the magicians agreed : the king was the victim of an evil spell. But what evil spell ? They thought it over for hours and hours and all of them came to the conclusion that they didn't have a clue about the origin of this mysterious spell.

Billgreen who had kept away was observing every single detail of the scene.

Because he was the smallest of them all, nobody had noticed him.

He came near the suffering man's bed and asked him, to please, give him his hand. Astonished, the king reached out his hand. Billgreen took it and softly pressed it with his fingers, he closed his eyes and started to sing a monotone chant.

Quelques instants passèrent, puis sa voix se fit sourde.

Then he opened his eyes, looked at the king and said :

« Your Majesty, you haven't been the victim of any charm but, of a very special one specially aimed at you. Somebody wants to take revenge for what you have done to him or her. Who is this person ?

- How could I know, my child ? To govern such a country requires decisions that not everybody agrees on...

- Your Majesty, please don't call me « my child ». I am 182 years old, I do believe I was born short before your grand father. Let's put it this way, it probably concerns a monarch that you have banished from your kingdom.

- I have never banished anybody !

- So, it could be your father. Please, ask your scribes to search through your father's archives. I will be back tomorrow to help and heal you. But, make no mistake, we must find how to break up the commander of this evil charm, otherwise you will suffer from it... »

« Who is this dwarf ? The king's other guests wondered.

- How can he possibly know whether it's an evil spell or a piece of witchcraft ? Obviously, he won't be able to heal the king tomorrow morning. This is impossible, no magician, no sorcerer around could do that. Tomorrow morning, we'll make fun of him as soon as he has failed to cure the king, and he will be thrown out of the palace and we, alone, will be hailed for having healed the king. »

The next day, at daybreak, Billgreen brought a glass bottle to the chamberlain , it contained a dark powder from the bark of the great magic oak under which he had been born. The chamberlain was ordered to give the king just a small drop, each morning, in his breakfast.

He went and met the kingdom's filing clerk who asserted that the ex-monarch had banished Lord Scorpus for ill-treating the inhabitants of Sylvestra.

Billgreen knew he had aroused the jealousy of the magicians and sorcerers invited by the king and because what he desired above all was to avoid facing open conflicts, he left a kind note to the sick king :

« I'm leaving in search of Lord Scorpus who is very probably responsible for your misfortune. Your chamberlain will give you a medicine I have prepared to help you face this situation. I do hope I will succeed and quickly find this evil man to deprive him of his powers. Cheer up, be brave until I am back. »

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