Monster Attack!

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"Sooooooo cooooooool!" Kirby cried as he dashed to find his friends.

Sure, there were lots of containers in the area that most likley contained some stuff for the Island, but there were so many amazing decorations, flowers, and even statues of some big bird-thing.

Kirby was about to get a closer look when--


Someone's voice suddenly went. The sudden surprise made the little pink puffball jump.

Kirby looked to see a small boy with a mushroom cap -Kirby believed they were called Toads- looking at a person in a colorful bird outfit. Kirby couldn't help but stare at the situation and overhear what was up.

"Full-body suit! Lemme wear it!" The Toad said excitedly.

"What are you talking about?" Asked the person in the suit. "I'm the Zeekeeper, the Island's mascot! And nooooo, this is definitely not a costume! I repeat, this is not a suit! And there is definitely not a staff member inside."

The Toad just shrugged and walked away.

Kirby looked at the Toad as he walked away, then back at the person in the suit.

"What's a Zeekeeper?" Kirby asked out loud, in hopes that someone would hear him say that out loud.

No one responded.

Kirby was about to walk away when a little breeze suddenly blew. As it did, Kirby could've sword that he felt a little bit of magic brush up against him.

As Kirby took a few seconds to wonder what happened, the wind blew and the magic brushed against him again. Kirby chuckled a little, as he did find it to be a bit ticklish.

As he turned to see what kind of magic it was, he saw a big statue of the Bird thing.

Near it was a Stone that was a bit bigger than Kirby, which had writing on it.

Kirby approached the stone and read the writing, which said,

[ The Zeekeeper Guardian ]

Long ago, Here on Pi'illo Island, a great kingdom flourished at the peak of prosperity. The Zeekeeper is said to be the guardian deity of that kingdom.

Kirby found that little bit of writing to be very interesting.

But then he remembered. His friends and the Staff were waiting for him!

Kirby immediately spun on his heels and--


Which way was he supposed to go?

Kirby looked around frantically to try and find something familiar. One of his friends. One of the staff, even. But nothing was like that, and there were no directions signs, either.

Kirby then got ready to start crying like a frightened child searching for their mother when...

A familiar friend caught his eye.

There was Broque Monsieur, looking around. Kirby immediately realized why, and walked over to him.

"Poyo!" he said.

Broque Monsieur looked to see Kirby coming over. "Ah, Enfant!" he said as soon as he saw the little puffball.

Kirby heard the word 'Enfant' and tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"That means 'child' in french." Said a passing staff member to Kirby.

Kirby just looked confuzzled for a second. Then he looked back at Broque Monsieur to show that he was paying attention.

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