Chapter FortyEight- Your World Is Burning Down

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Chapter FortyEight- Your World Is Burning Down

July 30th: Waxing Gibbous

    Amanda and Sadie's screams broke into any other thought I would have had. Amanda fell to the ground, clutching her head while Sadie stayed a little more composed, trying hard to muffle her pain in the palm of her hand. What I didn't understand though was why she was also exclaiming in such terror. 

    Every worry left me though when everything stopped at once and Amanda slumped to the ground, Sadie managing to keep herself upright, but looking like she would pass out at any moment. In a quick movement I wrapped Sadie's arms around me and was about to move onto Amanda when I saw her getting up from the ground again. However, before I could even move I heard the intake of breath from everyone in the crowd and I caught a glimpse of her eyes.

    They were shining bright crimson...the color of blood. The endless pool of them reflected in my vision and sent chills throughout my body. It was as if the liquid were rushing through me, spreading fear throughout my entire self.  

    Then, all hell broke loose...

    Behind us the house exploded, pieces of the wall billowing out to hit us in the back. People screamed as they dove for the ground, only to find that it was rumbling beneath our feet. All Amanda had to do was stand there and this was the destruction she could cause. 

    Sadie was sobbing into her hands now as I held her tighter to my body. I couldn't tell if she was crying because she was afraid or if she was in pain. Either way I wasn't going to let her go and I would do anything I could to get her out of here despite the weirdness that I'd watched between her and Amanda. 

    From the corner of my eye I could see Andy and Courtney running for the trees, going unnoticed by everyone. Joseph was struggling with a bit of fire surrounding him as it got larger the more he tried getting away. York and Haden were trying to keep peace, but to no avail. I caught York's eye and jerked my head to the woods, motioning that we needed to go there. He nodded his head once, tapping Haden and the two of them quickly worked on getting Joseph free, York telling his pack to stay calm as he went. 

    Sadie wasn't able to walk well I noticed as we started for the trees. Everything about her screamed pain and it was showing in her crying and limping that it was going to take a lot to get her to move faster. In one swift motion I took her into my arms and ran us into the woods, nearly making it before something hit me in the back. 

    I stumbled, unable to keep my balance as Sadie and I plummeted to the ground. At least Sadie had the sense to save herself because instinctively her hands shot out, catching her before she smacked her face into the dirt. I did the same, rolling for a few seconds before coming to a stop on my back. Amanda stood over me, her eyes blazing with that horrid blood color as she pressed her foot onto my chest. There was nothing of the old Amanda I knew in those eyes. Everything about her was different and if I hadn't seen her before, I would have thought she was a completely different person. 

    As she pressed down harder onto my chest it felt like every drop of air was being sucked out of me. I gasped for what little I could, taking my hands and trying to pry her foot off of me. Nothing would work though and I knew it was all futile. 

    My vision began turning to black and I could feel my arms going numb, my legs following suit. The lungs in my chest were crying in protest, doing anything they could to say alive. However, it didn't matter what me or my lungs wanted because Amanda would surely kill me. 

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