'Oh sorry' i said, not sounding like i meant it. 'How bout we go to an amusement park after school to cheer you up, hmm?' I said. It's Friday so we don't have any homework.

'Sure whatever.' He says while lazily eating his lunch, while i grin at the sight.

After our last class we walked towards our lockers and grabbed our coats. We then walked out of school.

'Are we immediately going to the amusement park?' I ask and Jin nodded.

'Yeah sure, i can drive now.' He says proudly but I immediately shook my head.

'Nah ah i don't think that's such a good idea.' I say. Jin got his drivers license just two weeks ago and we almost got an accident when he wanted to drive somewhere with me.

'Ah c'mon that was one time, it's not gonna happen again, i'm professional!' Jin says knowing what i meant.

'Fine but if i die it's your fault so you're gonna take care of my funeral.' I say and Jin snickers.

'Alright, but what if i die too?'

'Well then you just come back alive for my funeral and then you can die again.' I say while laughing and he laughs too.

'Yah! What about my funeral?'

'Uhh your parents can take care of that!'

'Well your parents can take care of yours too!'

'No they can't!'

'What even is your logic?' Jin says and i laughed harder while i shrug.

We arrived at Jin's house. We dropped our bags there and told Jin's parents where we're going. We got into the car of Jin's parents and Jin started driving. After a while we arrived and paid for our entree. We're now walking in the park.

'Jiiinnnn~ i'm hungryyyyy~' i whine and he sighs.

'Tsk we're not even a second in here and you're already hungry.'

'Oh c'mon food cheers you up too, let's get some food!' I say and give him puppy eyes.

'Fine but don't make such a face, it's ugly.' He says and i laugh, knowing my puppy face always works hehehe.

After eating some fries we're walking towards a roller coaster.

'Woah! That one looks cool! Let's go!' I say enthusiastically and drag Jin with me.

'Are you sure you wanna go in there, it looks kinda scary.' He says and looks up at the roller coasters.

'Yeah i'm sure!' I say and we walk into the queue. It's kinda crowded since it's Friday.

After a while we got into the cart from the roller coaster and fastened our seatbelts.

'oH MY GOD NO WAIT I WANNA GET OUT!' Jin screams and i laugh out loud.

'Too late we're already in!' I say and Jin screams. Almost forgot to tell, Jin is kinda scared for roller coaster but he never wants to admit it.

After a few seconds the cart starts moving and i scream in excitement while Jin screams in fear.

We go up high and stand still for a few seconds before the cart goes down with a lot of speed.

'AAAAAHHH WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSE- AAAAAAAA!!!' Jin screams and i laugh with my hands up while jin grips his seatbelt.

There was a sudden flits when we went down again, meaning a picture was taken.

Lmaooo bet Jin looks like shit in that picture, gotta make a picture of the picture hehe.

When the ride was over i ran towards where you can see the pictures. I take out my phone and quickly take a picture while laughing my ass off and Jin walking towards me with an annoyed look on his face.

'Yah! Don't you dare make fun of me! We were supposed to cheer me up!' He snaps and i laugh harder.

'S- sorry but t- this is just waaaayyyyy t- too funny.' I say, crying because of laughing.

'Whatever just stop laughing it's annoying.' He says annoyed and walks away. I tried to stop laughing, i tried but i just couldn't so i just followed Jin while still laughing.

We went in a few more roller coaster with Jin screaming at the top of his lungs and me laughing my ass of. It's already getting a little dark and we're now walking out of the park towards the car.

'It was really fun today.' I say and smile at Jin as we stepped into the car.

'You laughing at my pictures wasn't as fun though. But i agree it was fun, it really cheered me up, thank you kookie.' He says and smiles at me.

'Let's go to an amusement park more often!' I say enthusiastically. But Jin immediately shook his head.

'Not so sure bout that.' He says and we both laugh.

Today really was fun, thanks to my best friend Jin the grandpa ;)


Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed it! It was really fun writing this:) btw i went to a Blackpink concert last Saturday (18-05-2019) and it was soooo fk amazing! I love them so much and still can't believe it😍 See ya next time👋

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed it! It was really fun writing this:) btw i went to a Blackpink concert last Saturday (18-05-2019) and it was soooo fk amazing! I love them so much and still can't believe it😍 See ya next time👋

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