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Seokjin (18 y/o) x Jungkook (16 y/o)

Enjoy :)


*Jungkook's POV*

I wake up from my alarm clock and shut it off immediately. I stayed in bed but then my mother knocked on my door telling me i need to get up for school. So i got up, annoyed, and did my morning routine.

When i was fixing my hair for the last time i realized that today Jin is gonna confess his feelings towards his crush. (Jin is my bestestestsest and only friend :)).

I really hope his crush is gonna return the feelings but on the other side i hope not because that's gonna be his karma for embarrassing me in front of his whole family, saying i was wearing iron man underwear, which was true but still 🖕🙂🖕

I'm done fixing my hair so i grab my bag and walk towards the door. I put on my shoes and coat, but before i walk out i tell my parents i'm leaving. They say goodbye and good luck and after that i walk out of the door.

I walk towards Jin's house and ring the bell. After a few seconds the door opens and Jin walks out.

'Good morning old man' i say teasingly and he slaps my arm.

'Tsk good morning toddler.' I laugh at him as we started walking towards school which is a ten minute walk.

'You're gonna confess your feelings towards Hwasa today right?' I ask and he nods.

'You're gonna confess your feelings towards Hwasa today right?' I ask and he nods

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*Hwasa from Mamamoo*

'Yeah, bet she's gonna say yes cause who can resist this handsome face.' he says and blows a kiss.

'Ew, i can. Besides wouldn't be so confident if i were you, have you seen Hwasa looking at that Namjoon guy?' I say while Jin scoffs.

'No i haven't because the only one she looks at is me.' He says confidently.

'Whatever you say grandpa.'

'Shut up baby face.'

We arrived at school and part ways because we're obviously in different classes since Jin is two years older than me. During lunch break i get to know what Hwasa said.

After what seemed like forever it's lunch break. I already sit at the table we always sit at, waiting for Jin.

After a while i see him coming and i automatically start smirking, at the look of his face she didn't gave him the answer he wanted.

'And? What did she say?' I ask, already knowing the answer.

'Tsk she said no, that she already liked someone else and some bullshit.' He says while sitting down and grabbing his lunch.

'HA i told ya you shouldn't be so confident!' I say and laugh evilly.

'Shut up shithead you should be cheering me up right now.' He snaps back.

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