One Night Stand (Part 4)

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Everyone was shock when Ten and Lisa suddenly announced their wedding date and make all of his and her friends had a hard times to went to their wedding place. Lisa nervously waited inside of a room. Her belly felt tight and also had a backpain. So she thought that she just nervous until she heard a splash sound on the floor.

"Oh My God..." Lisa bit her lower lips. She's in labour right now. But today is her wedding day. She just hope that the baby would come soon after she legally became Ten's wife.

"Lisa!!!!" Lisa pretend that nothing has happend on her when her bestfriends come inside of the room.

"Oh My God!!! You looks beautiful..." Rosé cant stop crying when she saw Lisa in her wedding dress. Who thought that Lisa will get married when she told them that she will never get married to anyone.

"You looks so beautiful Lisa,even you were pregnant.." Jennie praised her.

"Hey.... You also looks so beautiful Jennie." Lisa praised her back and touch Jennie's big belly.

"Is it girl or boy?" Lisa asked her.

"It's boy and girl.."

"You are having twins?" Lisa asked her and Jennie nodded excitedly.

"Taeyong must be so happy.."

"Really happy. I'm going to have my third childs soon. When will you guys?" Jennie asked Rosé and Jisoo.

"I'm on my way for my second baby okay..." Jisoo replied to her and make all the girls scream happily while Lisa had to hold onto her constraction pain.

"Lisa... It's time to go..." Taeyong. Jennie's husband would lead her to her wedding hall. Lisa let all friends walk first,she worried that they saw her water's broke. And Ten might be postponed their wedding. She dont want that to be happend.

"Are you okay?" Taeyong asked her worriedly soon after he felt her cold hand.

"Nervous..." Lisa lied to him. She hold onto her wedding dress tightly. She could felt her baby crawning and the constraction getting stronger. But the pain gone when she saw him. The love of her life waiting for her nervously infront of the pastor. Waiting for him to became her legally husband. Taeyong hand her to him and he brought her infront of the pastor.

"Baby. Are you okay?" Ten asked her worriedly soon after he saw her pale face.


"We will go straight to the hospital after this okay?"

"Could you please hurry up?" Lisa asked the pastor.

"Will you Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul accept Pranpriya Manoban and shared your life with her,became her happiness and will give her your happiness?"

"I do.."

"Will you Pranpriya Manoban accept Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul as your husband and shared your happiness with him and became the reason for him to be strong and protect you?"

"I do..."

"Now i announced you as husband and wife. You may kissed your bride..." Ten pulled Lisa closer to him and kissed her lips. They were celebrating their wedding in private and only their closed friends could attend their wedding.

"T... Ten..." Ten look at her.

"The baby's coming.."


"Huftttttt.." Ten could feel her strong grips.

"Y.. Yuta..." Yuta look at Ten soon after he called his name.


"What now?" Taeyong asked him.

"She's in labour..." Yuta pulled Jisoo's hand and they run toward Lisa and Ten.

"SHE WHAT!!!" All of them once again were shock when Yuta told them that Lisa in labour. And as a doctor,Yuta pulled his sleeves and spread Lisa's legs.

"Yong,you have the hot water right?" Yuta asked Taeyong.

"I dont but Jaehyun does have it.."

"In my car.."

"Then what are you waiting for. Go and take it..." Yuta told him and Jaehyun immediately run toward his car.

"Taeyong and Jaehyun,you can take the kids out of here right? I think it might be better if Jennie also joined you. I dont want to welcomed another baby too after Lisa..." Yuta said to him and Taeyong just nodded. Jaehyun has arrived with hot water and he just take a small bowl from his car.

"Should we bring her to the hospital.."

"It's too late now Ten. She need to delivered your baby here..." Yuta told him.

"Lisa.... If you felt another contraction. Please push. Okay?" Yuta asked her and she just nodded. Soon after she felt the contraction. She does push the baby and the delivery was smooth than what they had thought.

"Give me your big push Lisa. She's coming..."

"Huftttttttt... Hurmmmmmmm" her mind were blank when she delivered the baby but the voice of her baby crying make her realized that she has became a mother.


"Yes baby.." Ten hold her hand tightly.

"She's here... She's here Ten..."

"I know babe.. I know..." Ten plant a kiss on her forehead and smile. They were celebrating the news happily until someone come and ruined it.

"Yuta!!!!!!!! Jennie in labour!!!"

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