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I got dressed in a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt before I  walked in the living room where Emma and Snow where talking.
‘’I'm telling you she is the ‘she’ that August was trying to warn us about’’Emma said.
‘Who are you talking about?’’I asked walking over to them.
‘’Tamara’’Emma said.
‘’Guys shh! Henry is upstairs’’Snow said. I nodded. There is something about Tamara that creeped me out.
‘’Look, I know this has been hard for you’’Snow started to say but Emma interrupted her
‘’No. This isn’t about me this is about August, he died trying to warn us about someone.  A woman, she, Tamara has a list of people who live here. What their fairytale names are. Doesn't that worry you?’’
‘’It is a little sketchy’’I said crossing my arms
‘’Look there are a million explanations for what you saw’’
‘’We don’t know anything about her and she lied to me. When she said I could trust her she lied’’Emma said. Oh the little lying thing again. her superpower, i believed it.
‘’But your superpower has known to be unreliable Emma. Especially when your emotional’’
Snow walked past us and over to the door.
‘’For the last time I don’t have feelings for Neal’’
I laughed slightly and Emma turned to me and glared slightly before turning to Snow.
‘’That was over a decade ago. I'm over it’’
‘’Well that may be. But if you tell Henry that you think his dads fiancé maybe up to something, then Henry might think that there's a chance that his parents can get back together. So keep it to yourself please till you know something more’’
Snow walked away, leaving us.
''She has a point but I agree with you, there is something weird about her.''I said
‘’So where back in business’’I heard Henry say’’I heard everything’’
‘’Oh snap’’I said. Emma looked at me worried and then looked back at Henry.
‘’I thought you were in the shower’’Emma said.
‘’Exactly. Operation cobras back on. We're investigating Tamara right?’’
‘’Yep’’I said popping the p.
‘’Get your coat’’Emma said. Henry walked away and i followed him, throwing on a pair of white converse.
Henry, Emma and I sat in Emma's yellow slug bug car and drank hot coco that we got from the dinner. We watched the dinner, looking for Tamara.
‘’Operation cobra was about breaking the curse. This is about keeping Storybrooke a secret. We need a new name’’Henry said
‘’Operation tiger’’Emma said. I laughed.
‘’Why?’’I asked
‘’I don’t need a why! You both never need a why’’
I shrugged
‘’Something like the town. Something that hides in plain slight. Something like a pray mantice’’
We were in thought for a minute’’Duck’’Emma said. We all ducked down but we could still see the dinner.
‘’Not them’’I said and we got back up.
‘’Stake outs are fun’’Henry said
‘’Not usually but this one, yeah this ones kind of fun’’
I laughed slightly and took a bite of my doughnut.
‘’I thought by now we would be having adventures. Over there you know. Riding horses, shooting bow and arrows. This is cool too’’
I gave Emma a sad look. She didn’t want to go to the enchanted forest, at least  I don't think.
‘’Is that still something you want? I mean if there was a way to go back to the enchanted forest’’Emma asked
‘’Is there?’’
My eyes went wide and I took another sip of my coco, awkwardly.
‘’No don’t be crazy.’’
‘’There is’’Henry said
‘’pusshh no there isn't’’I said and Emma gave me a look of ’your not helping’
‘’A way back! A bean or something. The giant brought it didn’t he’’
Well this kid isn’t dumb that’s for sure.
‘’You are a smart kid’’Emma said
‘’That’s awesome! We could get like a castle. You, me, and Neal’’
My eyes went wide
‘’Oh no way that’s not’’
‘’Duck!’’henry shouted and we all ducked down. I saw Neal and Tamara leaving.
‘’Operation pray mantice is on’’Henry said
We went up to Neal and Tamra's room at the inn. Emma was using a bobby pin to unlock the door. Henry stood look out and I stood behind Emma.
‘’Hang on I almost got it’’Emma said
‘’So once we find proof that Tamara's evil, I guess the weddings off’’
‘’Henry, me and Neal arn;t getting back together you know that right’’Emma said
‘’I mean once hes single it could happen’’
It could but I don think its going to happen. I ship it though.
‘’Picnic together, moonlight, wine’’ he walked over to us.
Omg, he defiantly watches way to many movies.
‘’listen to me Henry. I'm hunting Tamara for other reasons not because shes with Neal, okay’’
‘’Go, be the lookout’’I said gesturing towards the hallway. He ran back over,the door unlocked
‘’Ah yes’’Emma said. Henry and I  both stepped to go inside, following her but she turned around.,
‘’No uh huh’’she said getting in out way so we couldn’t step in.
''What? Why?''I asked
‘’You two gotta be the look out’’Emma said
‘’But what do we do, whistle?’’
‘’No that’s a little obvious’’I said
‘’You gotta kick the door’’Emma suggested’’Kick it like your bored. Or stumble into it, just kick the door okay’’Emma said
‘’Got it’’I said
‘’Got it, now go’’Henry said Emma went into the room and shut the door behind her.
‘’Operation pray mantice’’Henry said high fiveing me before he ran over to the top of the stairs. I walked over to him.
‘’Henry, I know you want Emma and Neal to be together its understandable, but just understand thing don’t always work out okay. Who knows what will happen. I'm not saying don’t have hope but don’t be disappointed if it dosn't happen’’I said.
‘’Yeah I know’’
I smiled’’Want o play rock paper scissors?’’I asked
Henry and I stood in the middle of the hallway by the door and played quietly. I heard footsteps. Oh shit. We rushed to the door and both kicked it. Okay one of us should have just done it but whatever
‘’Hey, Henry, Elizabeth?’’Neal asked
‘’Hey Neal, whats up’’I said and Henry continued to kick the door.
‘’Oh hell no, I taught her that trick. Emma!’’Neal said. Oh great, he's on to us. Henry tried to block it so Neal couldn’t get in but Neal got the door handle and opened it. Pushing me and Henry inside. We got inside and saw Emma in the middle of the room.
‘’So we got here and the door was open so we just’’
‘’Emma, whats this about?’’Neal asked
‘’Tamara. I think shes playing you’’Emma said coming closer to us.
‘She's playing me? How?’’
‘’I think shes the ‘she’ that August was trying to warn us about. I didn’t want to tell you till I had proof’’
‘’Okay, so as long as you broke in our room to spear my feelings, are you out of your mind?’’
‘’He warned us about a woman’’Emma said
‘’which covers half the world. You brought the kids into this!’’Neal said pointing to me and Henry.
‘’She was lying. Remember I have that thing with lies.’’
‘’You thought you had a thing with lies I never bought it’’
‘’Yeah you did. Listen to me, Neal, she's got a list of fairytale character and who they are. Whoever she gives that to can blow this town right open’’
‘’Emma I helped her make that list.To help her come to grips with this place. Its not easy you know shes trying to deal with this for me.’’
‘’Okay I know what this looks like but it isn’t that. Do I look like a jealous ex?’’
I gave her a look of’’A little’’
‘’Okay maybe I'm crazy but lets find out. There's a floor board lose that shouldn't be so lets just look under it. If there's nothing there then fine I'll back off.’’
Neal looked at Henry and then me and we nodded
‘’Okay, yeah sure. What the hell’’
Emma backed away and crouched down on the floor. She started to pry the floor board up but she couldn’t.
‘’A little help?’’Emma asked looking at Neal,
‘’Yeah, right’’Neal said bending down to help Emma. They took the floor board out and I looked at it with anticipation. Emma put her hand in but nothing came up. There was nothing there.
‘’Listen I know Tamara being here is a little awkward’’Neal said. I looked at Emma a little sad I felt bad for her.
‘’Don’t. henry, Liz lets go home’’Emma said putting the floor board back. I nodded. I patted Neal's back before walking out of his room.
‘’I believe you, Emma’’I said patting her shoulder. She gave me a smile
‘’Thank you’’
I nodded.
After our little stake out thing I went to the diner and had some lunch with ruby. I walked outside the diner and walked home. I felt a hand go on my arm and someone pull me into the ally. I went to scream but a hand was placed over my mouth. I looked into the eyes that I was so familiar with. The Neverland sea blue-green. Killian took the hand from my mouth.
‘’You gotta stop doing that’’I said glaring at him slightly
‘’Sorry, love’’he said smiling at me, I smiled back and hugged him.
‘’God I’ve missed you’’I said and then I let go and hit his chest.
‘’Ow! I thought you missed me!’’he said.
‘’What's wrong with you? Going after Rumpelstiltskin like that! You could have gotten killed and still can if he sees you’’I said
‘’It was a risk I had to take’’Killian said
‘’Yeah, this stupid revenge plan of yours. I don’t want to see you get killed’’I said.
‘’Don’t worry love. I will be fine’’he said running his fingers threw my hair. I looked into his eyes as he leaned in towards me. I met him halfway, kissing him back. The first kiss since we were in Neverland so long ago. He put his hand and hook around my waist pulling me closer to him. I put my arms around his neck tugging on the back of his hair. He smiled in the kiss and we let go.
‘’I defiantly missed that’’he said and I scoffed and laughed slightly.
‘’Let me walk you home’’
He took my hand and we walked down the ally, a shortcut.
We got to the apartments and he faced me.
‘’Don’t tell anyone I'm here. I don’t want the dark one finding out I'm here’’
‘’I wont’’
He peaked my lips before walking out into the night. I smiled and climbed the stairs to my apartment I unlocked the door and saw Emma, Snow and David having a heated conversation. They were upset
‘’What happened?’’
‘’Regina burned the beans. They are all gone’’Snow said.
‘’Wait, what?’’I said

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