Brave Truthful and Unselfish

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I walked out of my room and walked to the counter where David was making snows breakfast that he had it all laid out on a tray. He put some snow bells into a tiny vase. I patted his back.

‘’Good choice with the snow bells’’I said grabbing a bowl and a cereal box. He went to walk over to their room but Emma interrupted him

‘’Breakfast in bed, seriously?’’Emma asked.

‘’What happened has been really hard on Mary Margret. The least we can do is make sure she's eating’’David said

I poured the cereal in the bowl as i watched the small conversation go on.

‘’I think its time for the hot coco and the foot massages to give it a rest. I think its time to haul her ass out of bed and get her to move past this’’Emma said. She had a point but Snow has had a hard couple of weeks. Losing Johanna and then the whole thing with Cora, it wasn't fair to her. I poured the milk and I walked into my room. Letting father and daughter have their talk. I ate quickly before grabbing my shoes and putting them on. I walked into the kitchen and David was there but Snow wasn’t in her bed. I put the bowl in the sink.

‘’Where's Snow?’’I asked

‘’She went to the forest to clear her head. She didn’t want me to go’’

I nodded.

‘’You still coming to help with the crop?’’David asked walking over and getting his coat.

‘’Of corce. What else do I have to do anyways’’I said. He handed me my jacket and I threw it on and we left.

Emma called David and told him that August was in town and he called Emma and said he was going to warn her about something but then the line went dead. David,henry(We picked him up) and I raced to meet Emma, Snow and Marco.

‘’August is still in the station he isn’t picking up’’David said

We walked fast down the street to get to the station. We got there and August came rushing out. He was wood. Like fully wood. Well I guess he is Pinocchio so..  We rushed over to him

‘’August!’’Emma yelled.

August fell to the floor, in pain. Emma and Marco went onto the ground next to him.

‘’My child, my boy. What happened to you?’’Marco asked

‘’I'm so sorry, papa ‘’

‘’No there's nothing to apologize for. Everything is going to be alright.’’Marco said to August. August looked at Emma. They always had a connection, which made this even more sad.



August sat up with the help of Marco. Henry gripped my arm and I put my hand on his shoulder. August leaned towards Emma, whispering to her but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. And then he was gone. tears came to my eyes.

‘’Oh no,not again’’Marco said sobbing and hugging August. Emma stood up. Neal walked over and looked at the scene with confusion.

‘August?’’Neal asked

‘’No, it cant end this way. He was supposed to get a second chance’’Snow said.

‘’What happened?’’Neal asked

‘’Someone killed him to stop him from telling us something. He used his last dying breath to warn us. I will not let that be in vain’’Emma said

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