Yandere! Villain! Todoroki

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(I think I write too much Todoroki?)


Often enough he'd find his wife in the same place. Their little house that they bought together right before they got married. Even if he was a horrifying villain he still enjoyed the domestic life, it was nice to come home and seeing a cute little wife waiting for him. She was always there, waiting for him. That's why the feeling of pure dread came up when she didn't greet him at the door. It just wasn't like his dear (Y/n).

He searched the house, of course, not finding her.

Panic started to rise in his chest. As stated before, he was a villain. He had plenty of enemies that would love to get back at him somehow. (Y/n) had a soft heart and absolutely despised violence. She refused to fight anybody. It was very likely that one of those said enemies tried to kidnap his wife. Although he loved her more than life itself, she wasn't really the strongest physically.

Whoever dared to take his love was going to pay. Shoto was a possessive person. He knew it wasn't normal, but like, neither was his profession. If (Y/n) really had that much of a problem with it she wouldn't have married him, right? Right. He was just standing in the middle of their room, plotting the death of whoever took his darling (Y/n) when he heard the door to the house open and close. He rushed downstairs only to see his wife handling several grocery bags.

A feeling of relief washed over him as he saw her struggling cutely. She immediately lightened up after seeing he was home.

Just like she always did.

"I knew you were coming home soon and I wanted to make you something special! You got here before me though..."

Shoto smiled, bringing her into his arms and kissed her forehead.

She was safe.

And he got to smash tonight.

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